Deals and Data

Deals and Data

AstraZeneca buys Almirall’s lung drugs in an up to $2.1m deal. (Reuters, 07/30/14)

Sanofi and Regeneron Pharmaceuticals acquire Priority Review Voucher from BioMarin Pharmaceutical; hope to speed approval of their experimental cholesterol drug. (SFGate, 07/30/14)

Pfizer acquires Baxter International’s two vaccines for protection against meningitis and tick-borne encephalitis. (GEN News, 07/30/14)

AstraZeneca explores use of liquid biopsy-based companion tests to determine best responders for its drugs for lung cancer, where acquiring biopsy tissue is particularly challenging for advanced patients. (GenomeWeb, 07/30/14)

New study from Sanford-Burnham suggests regenerating the insulin-producing cells destroyed in Type 1 diabetes may be possible. (U-T San Diego, 07/31/14)

Sanofi to submit application for world's first dengue vaccine. (Reuters, 07/31/14)

Boehringer Ingelheim’s long-term, once-daily maintenance treatment of airflow obstruction in patients with COPD is approved. (Medscape, 07/31/14)

Epic Sciences closes $30M round, preps circulating tumor cell analysis platform for future regulatory submissions. (GenomeWeb, 08/01/14)

FDA approves Boehringer Ingelheim’s glucose-reducing drug empagliflozin; improves glycemic control in adults with type 2 diabetes. (Medscape, 08/01/14)

On August 11, UCSD hosted panel discussion on implications of genetic engineering after screening of ‘Gattaca.’ (U-T San Diego, 08/01/14)

European regulators expand use of Vertex Pharma’s Cystic Fibrosis drug; targets those with G551D mutation. (PharmaTimes Online, 08/02/14)

Amgen’s late-stage study finds that its blood cancer drug helped patients live significantly longer without the disease worsening, compared with standard treatment. (Reuters, 08/04/14)

Novartis reports that its KAE609 is the first antimalarial drug candidate with a novel mechanism of action to achieve positive clinical proof-of-concept in over 20 years. (PharmExec, 08/04/14)

Pfizer’s Enbrel approved to treat patients with severe non radiographic axial spondyloarthritis, a subtype of a chronic lifelong inflammatory disease affecting spine and hip joints. (PharmaTimes Online, 08/06/14)

Sanofi licenses Immune Design’s GLAAS drug discovery platform to develop new therapeutics for an undisclosed food allergy. (GEN News, 08/07/14)

The Scripps Research Institute, UCSD, and Illumina Inc. awarded a total of $8.7 million in grants by the National Institutes of Health for DNA sequencing research. (San Diego Business Journal, 08/11/14)

A clinical trial of GlaxoSmithKline’s experimental vaccine against the deadly Ebola virus is set to start shortly. (Reuters, 08/11/14)

Human Longevity and Celgene collaborate to license, develop, and co-promote Celgene’s placental cell population, PSC-100. (GEN News, 08/11/14)

European Commission approves Bayer’s eye drug Eylea for diabetic macular oedema. (PharmaTimes, 08/11/14)

Intercept Pharamceuticals’ obeticholic acid is effective in treating liver disease caused by fat buildup. (Reuters, 08/11/14)

FDA grants orphan drug designation to Mirati Therapeutics’ mocetinostat for the treatment of patients with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma. (Healio, 08/11/14)

Scripps Research discovers reducing activity of a protein involved in most cancers can stop growth of cancer in cell cultures. (U-T San Diego, 08/11/14)

ViaCyte raises $5.4 million to pursue the clinical development of its artificial pancreas, which could treat type 1 diabetes. (San Diego Business Journal, 08/11/14)

Pfizer teams up with 23andMe to study the possible genetic underpinnings of inflammatory bowel disease. (Philly, 08/12/14)

AstraZeneca gets positive results for experimental gout drug, a selective uric acid re-absorption inhibitor. (Reuters, 08/13/14)

Otonomy completes $100 million IPO; currently, developing drugs for middle and inner ear diseases. (U-T San Diego, 08/13/14)

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