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California Economic Impact Report – Life science trends, stats

The Impact of Life Science in California

California’s life science industry provides nearly 1.3 million jobs in the state, with economic activity generating a total of $346 billion in 2018. The state received more than $4.2B in NIH funding in fiscal year 2018.

Biocom’s 2019 California Economic Impact Report provides key economic, demographic, and industry performance data and analysis for the Life Science industry in the state and selected sub-state regions.

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Regional Fact Sheets and Full Data Book

California Fact Sheet
Bay Area Fact Sheet
City and County of San Francisco
Southern California Fact Sheet
Los Angeles County Fact Sheet
Los Angeles City Fact Sheet
San Diego County Fact Sheet
San Diego City Fact Sheet
California Economic Impact Report Summary

California Economic Impact Report Data Book



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This Economic Impact Report was sponsored in part by the County of Los Angeles.