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International Connections


Biocom’s unique international partnerships give members access to new markets, new ideas, and new opportunities across the globe. Our international partnerships include Memorandums of Understanding, agreements, and annual events shared between Biocom and several international businesses, organizations, and governments from the world’s leading life science clusters.


Biocom has strong ties to the bustling and innovative life science community in Japan. Aside from our continuing staff presence in Tokyo, Biocom partners with Link-J, Japan Bioindustry Association, the City of Yokohama, and the City of Kobe to ensure our members have the ability to collaborate with the thought leaders of the Japan life science community, and that our partners in Japan play an active role in California’s life science community.

United Kingdom

The UK presents many opportunities in technology and life science and Biocom’s partnership with One Nucleus, an international membership organization for companies working within the life science and healthcare industry, gives our members in California a unique opportunity to capitalize on these opportunities. Our UK partnerships also include collaborative programs between Biocom and the Golden Triangle partnership, which includes ERBI, the London Biotechnology Network, and the Oxfordshire Bioscience Network.


Biocom’s involvement with France’s life science community begins with our strong partnership with EUROBIOMED. Joint actions between Biocom and EUROBIOMED include workshops, events and conferences, and trade delegations that aim to promote an active dialogue between California life science companies and their counterparts in France, as well as inform members of the potential business opportunities that exist between the American and European markets.


Biocom’s Australia partnerships include a collaboration with Queensland Clinical Trials Network Inc. (QCTN). Our mission with QCTN is to share agendas in areas of common interest, pool resources and expertise where appropriate, maximize impact through working in partnership and utilize existing networks to mutual advantage and benefit. What that means for our members is a better relationship and greater information-sharing opportunities with the Australian life science community.

Emerging Markets

Biocom takes a global approach in all that we do. We consistently interact and collaborate with life science clusters from emerging markets around the world, and our dedicated team of international delegates pays regular visits to clusters in Canada, Brazil, and other emerging markets to better prepare ourselves and our members for future partnerships. In addition, Biocom nurtures our long-standing relationships with organizations from emerging markets around the world via forums, life science industry conferences, and other collaborative events.

To learn more about our International partnerships, or to get involved, contact us.