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About Washington D.C.


Biocom opened its office in the nation’s capital in January 2013 to be the voice of the California life science industry at the federal level and represent Biocom members’ needs before Congress and federal agencies.

Biocom successfully drives advocacy and public policy initiatives that benefit our members and works to defeat proposals that would be detrimental to the California life science industry. In February 2017, Biocom expanded its Washington, D.C. office to increase its focus on regulatory activities.


Biocom partners with many organizations to give members even more opportunities and resources to fulfill business goals and improve life through health, energy and agricultural advancements.

Our Washington, D.C. partners are integral to our ability to clear public policy hurdles, stay informed on legislative issues, and connect our members to our nation’s capital.

Download a full member directory here (available only to Biocom members).

Featured Initiatives

Biocom’s Washington, D.C. initiatives are targeted programs that address specific needs presented by our members. Initiatives include partnerships with federal legislators and regulators, community engagement organizations, as well as member companies. All Washington, D.C. initiatives are fully vetted and informed by board members, committees, and member companies.

Biocom Advocacy Fly-In
Biocom Advocacy Fly-In

Once a year, Biocom brings a small group of executives and researchers from California to D.C. to educate them about our legislative and regulatory environment. The event is a unique opportunity to meet with Washington DC officials in an intimate setting and discuss new industry developments, research breakthroughs, and policy initiatives, as well as issues of concern. Previous years’ topics have included digital health, precision medicine, and oncology.

The 2018 Annual Biocom Advocacy Fly-In will focus on Regenerative Medicine. To learn more and to register, click here.

To learn more about this initiative, or to ask us a question, send us a message.

Biocom Capitol Hill Life Science Reception
Biocom Capitol Hill Life Science Reception

Biocom, in cooperation with the HealthCare Institute of New Jersey (HINJ) and Congressional Life Science Caucus, hosts an annual life science reception on Capitol Hill. The event is a great opportunity for legislators, their staff, life science leaders, patient groups and other stakeholders to discuss new technologies and policies in a relaxed environment and recognize both legislators for their support of innovation and our industry for its contributions to global health.

To learn more about this initiative, or to ask us a question, send us a message.

Biocom Congressional Briefings
Biocom Congressional Briefings

Biocom regularly hosts briefings on Capitol Hill for Members of Congress, Congressional staff, and industry stakeholders to educate them about different industry priorities. In past years, Biocom has hosted briefings on the value of biomedical innovation, public/private partnerships in research, Food and Drug Administration user fees, precision medicine, mobile health, federal investment in biomedical research, and genomics.

To learn more about this initiative, or to ask us a question, send us a message.

Regulatory Affairs Communique (RAC)
Regulatory Affairs Communique (RAC)

Biocom’s Regulatory Affairs Communique keeps members updated on the latest regulatory developments, including scientific advances, guidances and requests for comments, industry and FDA news, and policy updates. It is published monthly.


To learn more about Biocom’s Washington, D.C. office, initiatives, or to ask us a question, send us a message.

Washington, D.C. Office

601 13th Street NW Suite 900 South
Washington, D.C. 20005
(202) 747-5064


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