Discovering Genomics in Your Classroom

Empowering Teachers and Inspiring Students in the World of Genomics

Illumina, the Illumina Corporate Foundation, and the Biocom California Institute are partnering to create an educational community where teachers can learn and connect with the world of genomics. Genomic Discoveries provides opportunities for teachers to access genomics-focused professional development, real-world curriculum, and industry connections. It is our hope to empower teachers to create meaningful experiences for students around genomics and inspire the next generation to pursue careers in Life Sciences.

Genomic Programs


This curriculum is designed to serve AP, IB, Honors Biology and CTE Biotech High School Teachers in the San Diego County. This curriculum provides a real-world lab experience for students to dive into genomics with Illumina’s iSeq technology.

DNA Decoded

DNA Decoded provides ready-to-go, standards-aligned lessons and activities for teachers and students to explore the ways they can see genomics in their everyday lives.

Career Exploration

This series of videos gives students an opportunity to explore and get excited about careers that support the genomics industry, such as Genetic Counseling, Bioinformatics and AI Deep Learning Engineers.

Virtual IGD Experience

The IGD Simulation lab is a free resource for educators who would like to introduce their students to the basic concepts of DNA, PCR and whole genome sequencing, key concepts within the field of genomics. It can be combined with your current curriculum to enhance the student experience, or it can be used as a stand-alone activity.

Want to learn more about our programs?

Supporting our teachers with high quality professional development is key to bringing meaningful genomic experiences into the classroom. This program provides teacher training, curriculum and lab experiences to San Diego high schools. It provides educators and students with real-world, hands-on experiences using industry technology. Send us your information and we’ll send you more information about our programs.

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