Teacher Professional Development

Teacher Professional Development

Biocom California Institute supports teachers with high-quality professional development, equipment, and hands-on curricula to develop the next generation of life science leaders and innovators. Our programs empower teachers to engage students in the practices that scientists use in their work, including problem-solving, communication, and collaboration. Curriculum is teacher-informed and approved.

LSXP Educator Externship Program

Externships are a critical part of teachers’ professional development. Our Life ScienceXP K-12 Educator Externship program offers a week-long experience for Title 1 school K-12 educators in Alameda and San Diego County to visit five companies (one a day) to learn about important new technologies in an industry setting. They will engage in real-world professional development and develop curriculum specific to the work being done by local life science companies. This curriculum will be used in their classrooms and made available to a host of other schools and STEM educators within the Biocom California Institute network across California.

High School Inventory of Practice Survey

We annually survey teachers to provide a conduit for the voice in the high school life science teacher community to inform Biocom Institute and partner programs. We understand that obtaining educator feedback is critical to creating effective strategies and solution. Biocom Institute’s programs and professional learning communities assist teachers in planning and implementing experiential life science curriculum for their students.

Biocom California Institute’s Portfolio of Educational Programs Include:

Illumina Genomic Discoveries

Illumina Genomic Discoveries provides opportunities for classrooms to access genomics curriculum and industry connections. The program empowers teachers to create meaningful experiences for students around genomics and inspire them to pursue careers in life sciences. This program provides teacher training, curriculum and lab experiences to San Diego high schools. Educators and students engage in real-world, hands-on experiences using Illumina’s latest genomic sequencing technology.

Amgen Biotech Experience

The Amgen Biotech Experience is a science education program that provides research-grade equipment, supplies, curriculum, and professional development to middle and high schools. The program features a hands-on molecular biology curriculum designed to introduce students to the excitement of scientific discovery. Participating teachers receive a loaned kit, free of charge, with research-grade equipment and supplies that allow students to participate in advanced science laboratories.

Life ScienceXP

Life ScienceXP provides K–12 students and educators engaging, hands-on learning experiences that offer students an opportunity to think like scientists. Life ScienceXP features the following components: hands-on learning kits for each student, coupled with virtual lessons; connections with industry professionals to learn about the variety of careers available in the life sciences; pre- and post-learning resources for educators; a curriculum aligned with Life Science Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).