Bay Area Regional Policy Committee

Mission Statement

The Biocom California Bay Area Regional Policy Committee meets on a quarterly basis to address local policy and regulatory issues in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. This committee provides a forum for Biocom California members to proactively deliver input on proposed legislative changes at city and county levels of government.

Upcoming Meetings

Meetings will be virtual gatherings on the following dates:

  • March 28

  • May 23

  • July 25

  • September 26

Committee Responsibilities

Provide Input

Provide input to policymakers and other committees on legislative proposals.

Plan Events

Assist in planning events, including developing themes, and identifying and securing speakers.

Share Information

Share information with group members and staff on upcoming policy initiatives.

Maintain Discretion

Contribute to an open sharing environment and maintain discretion outside of meetings.

Develop Goals

Develop the working group’s annual goals, meeting structure and work plan.

Biocom California Responsibilities

Provide Updates

Provide legislative updates and solicit input at regular meetings.

Lead Meetings

Assemble agendas and any official communications.

Prepare Materials

Prepare and distribute marketing materials to work group.

Advertise Events

Share events, meeting information, and activities in publications.

Organize Logistics

Lead on any and all logistics for meetings and events.

Committee Admissions Requirements

Must be Biocom California members. All members welcome. For questions, please contact Christy Shirilla, Manager of Public Policy.