Bay Area Startup Resources Committee

Mission Statement

This committee is intended to support the early-stage ecosystem in the San Francisco Bay Area region, while providing opportunities for committee members to meet industry peers, share beneficial resources and best practices, keep current on issues affecting the local industry, and learn from each other.

Committee Responsibilities

Identify Resources

Identify and highlight resources that are necessary to support and grow early-stage member companies and employees.

Create Support Network

Create a support network for first-time founders and CEOs of early-stage companies 

Biocom California Responsibilities


Provide official communication to committee members through agendas.

Implement Initiatives

Manage/implement the initiatives requested by the committee.

Recruit Members

Attract new committee members who can add value to the discussions.

Ensure Accuracy

Ensure accurate and updated information in publications.

Organize Logistics

Organize logistics for Bay Area Startup Resources Committee meetings.

Committee Admissions Requirements

Committee members can be any industry, academia or service provider Biocom California members that are interested and can contribute to the efforts of the committee. The committee will cover topics related to all resources and assets necessary to support the growth of the life science industry in the Bay Area. Discussions will vary and relate to topics such as finding/building suitable space, alternative funding sources, marketing Bay Area as a whole to individuals and companies as a place to grow.

This committee is for first-time founders and CEOs of Biocom California industry companies.