Federal Policy Committee

Mission Statement

Biocom California’s Federal Committee addresses legislative issues faced by the life science community of California and serves as a resource for all federal policy-related matters. The committee weighs in on legislative proposals affecting the industry, recommends official positions, shares insight on advocacy matters, and participates in policy events.

Committee Overview

Federal Developments

Committee members remain at the forefront of new federal developments through regular updates from Biocom California staff on legislation, Congressional hearings, and administrative orders.

Oversee Federal Policy Activities

Committee members oversee all of Biocom California’s federal policy activities, including determining priorities, reviewing and discussing legislation, adopting positions on bills, strategizing on advocacy, and advising on communication and education initiatives.


In cases where more than one person within the same company participates in the committee, that company shall be limited to one vote on any voting issues. All adopted positions are sent to Biocom California’s Board-level policy committee for final approval.

Committee Admissions Requirements

The Committee is open to all Biocom California members in good standing engaged or interested in federal policy. Regular participation in committee meetings or policy-related events is required to continue as a voting member of the committee. Calls are held regularly in addition to in-person meetings hosted in Washington DC. Members located in California can join the meetings via teleconference. For questions, please contact Laure Clark, Senior Director of Federal Policy and Government Affairs.