Corporate Social Responsibility Committee

Mission Statement

This committee was formed to better position companies of the life science industry to be properly represented in the community by laying a foundation for industry-wide Corporate Social Responsibility strategies, maximizing the talent and resource potential of the life science industry to bring to the San Diego community.

Committee Responsibilities

Provide Input

Give input related to industry-community engagement in order to help guide Biocom California.


Assist Biocom California Institute’s development by making connections to potential funders.

Community Outreach

Participate in community outreach to bolster engagement.

Act as a Resource

Act as a resource to Biocom California members regarding community relations and CSR matters.

Biocom California Responsibilities

Organize Meetings

Organize and facilitate committee meetings to deliver on strategic imperatives.


Provide official communication to committee members through agendas.

Organize Events

Organize, market and produce community programs and/or workshops.

Ensure Accuracy

Ensure accurate and updated information in publications.

Committee Admission Requirements

To ensure a strong working committee, participation will include a Chair and Committee members. Committee members are required to attend/call in to at least four of the six (bi-monthly) meetings per year to maintain a seat on the committee.