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BioCommunique Article

Cancer Guardian’s unique benefit offers a dedicated cancer strategy for those managing the challenging impacts of cancer in the workplace.

A Transformative Health Benefit That Can Change and Even Save Lives

  • 2019-08-09T15:09:00.000+0000
  • California
  • Author: Mandy Yeganegi

Brokers, employers, and patient members alike are raving about the value of our supplier, Cancer Guardian’s, benefits. Cancer Guardian was launched in 4Q, 2018 and has transformed lives ever since. Their benefit provides a dedicated cancer strategy for managing the impacts of cancer in the workplace. It's offerings extend beyond foreseeable circumstances through affordable access to genetic testing and support services that help them be more preventative and beat cancer.

By making these types of services available to the wider population, Cancer Guardian is fundamentally improving the way cancer is treated.

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