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Biocom California Members Benefit with New FedEx Collaboration

Biocom California Members Benefit with New FedEx Collaboration

  • 2021-02-15T20:00:00.000+0000
  • California
  • Author: Heather Ramsay

Biocom Purchasing Group is proud to announce FedEx Custom Critical as the newest endorsed supplier in the portfolio of savings for Biocom California members.

The new specialty shipping service alliance is an expansion of the commitment made by FedEx this past February to collaborate with Biocom California to extend tailored, innovative shipping solutions to over 1,300 members across the state. Members can now benefit from comprehensive shipping programs including expedited ground services, temperature control and increased security.

By leveraging the purchasing power of more than 1,300 members, Biocom Purchasing Group ensured that member needs of all sizes were adequately addressed on a local and global level. FedEx Custom Critical will work closely with Biocom Purchasing Group to serve life science companies in California with exceptional service and support White Glove Services®, Temperature-Controlled and Temperature-Controlled Validated ground transportation needs. Even more, emerging biotech companies needing assistance in developing their cold-chain shipping plans, filing with the FDA, or staying ahead of potential compliance issues can benefit from new discounts on FedEx Custom Critical Shipping Studies.

FedEx Custom Critical takes pride in their experience providing validated temperature-controlled ground solutions created and designed for biotech companies. They have a great history of helping emerging biotech customers with their extremely important shipments that are too sensitive to go through a standard network, and often require specialized handling. As pioneers in the Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Logistics arena, they have helped many small companies with big growth plans develop proper protocols for their critical shipping needs.

FedEx Custom Critical will be instrumental in our members’ ability to ship and receive life-saving products to patients and partners around the world. We are eager for our members to begin taking advantage of this new discount with the world leader in logistics and shipping services.

To set up a new FedEx Custom Critical account with the Biocom California savings program, click here to fill out a quick pre-qualification checklist. Upon form completion, a representative from our team will be reaching out with next steps.