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As 2020 comes to an end, Biocom wants to recognize the achievements of our life science industry and celebrate all of you.

Biocom Invites Our Members to Join Us for a Celebration of Life

  • 2020-11-25T21:30:00.000+0000
  • California
  • Author: Shaye Exner

As 2020 comes to an end, Biocom wants to recognize the achievements of our life science industry and celebrate all of you who have tirelessly devoted your lives to creating drugs, vaccines, diagnostics and therapies that, literally, will save the world. On December 10th, let us escort you away for a fun evening connecting with colleagues, both near and far, while enjoying some good old-fashioned entertainment. Headlining the evening are our special guests, Giuliana & Bill Rancic, who will candidly share their story of “In Sickness & In Health”.

The Rancic’s COVID experience, along with Giuliana’s experience as a breast cancer survivor. Giuliana and Bill will discuss their recent diagnosis with COVID -19 and share how it affected their family as well as the steps they took in their recovery.

Giuliana will also talk about her journey with breast cancer, while Bill shares his perspective on the important role of caregiver and the impact a cancer diagnosis has on the whole family. Their story is emotional, inspirational, and injected with a sense of humor that leaves the audience filled with a message of hope. An inspiring story that will encourage us to persevere and continue the vital work of improving the human condition.

Kicking off the evenings program will be a panel discussion highlighting the resiliency of our industry during the worst health crisis our country has ever seen. Moderated by Tim Schoen, Managing Director Biomed Realty our panel of industry experts will reflect on the past 8 months and discuss the ways that our members have advanced the race to a vaccine, created diagnostics and therapeutics and supported our healthcare workers on the frontline.

Joining Tim, on the panel is Dr Kate Broderick, Senior Vice President, R&D from Inovio Pharmaceuticals, James Lu, Co-Founder & President of Helix and Peter Silvester, Senior Vice President and President Life Sciences Solutions, Thermo Fisher Scientific. Closing out the panel discussion with a look to the future, Biocom will be recognizing the winners of our 3rd Annual Catalyst awards, inspiring and driven young minds who are sparking meaningful change to human health through their research, discovery and entrepreneurship.

The evenings celebration will begin with a live streaming reception where guests will be invited join our live musician in the networking lounge. Request songs or just enjoy the tunes while connecting with your table mates.

For those participating in the VIP Experience, expect a celebratory box delivered to your home full of fun items to enjoy during a live wine tasting. To ensure the boxes are delivered in time for the event, all VIP tickets must be purchased by November 28th.

Our custom platform will provide you the opportunity to connect live and in video with the guests at your table as well as see who else is celebrating throughout the studio. Whether you are looking for a way to bring the team together or want to spend time with valued clients and friends, everyone will enjoy the break from the norm to partake in a Celebration of Life.

As we head into our Thanksgiving holiday, we are eager to thank our Celebration of Life event sponsors, our lead sponsor Biomed Realty, gold and silver sponsors Marsh & Mclennan Agency, Ernst & Young, Procopio and our supporting sponsors KPBS and Business Wire.

Let’s join together, from across the state and beyond, to reflect on the accomplishments, joys, and blessings we find in our work, and in each other.

We look forward to welcoming you to an Evening with Biocom. To register please visit: https://www.biocom.org/EventDetail/?event=Biocom-Celebration-of-Life–An-Evening-with-Giuliana-and-Bill-Rancic