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BioCommunique Article

Biocom’s task force deployed the survey last week to assess how California’s life science companies are operating during this time.

Biocom Presents Results from Return to Work Strategy Survey

  • 2020-04-30T19:00:00.000+0000
  • California
  • Author: Lauren Panetta

In just a few months, the COVID-19 pandemic has quickly transformed the way companies operate, forcing a large-scale shift to remote work and adoption of technologies that support this new way of working. To get a sense of how California’s life science companies are adapting to the new workforce environment during COVID-19, understand the evolving business sentiment of our members, and help formulate a comprehensive plan for reopening businesses, Biocom’s board-level task force deployed a return to work strategy survey last week.

The survey ran for two days and captured the responses of 160 life science companies in California, with the majority of surveyed companies indicating operations in office settings, laboratories, and manufacturing facilities.

The data points and key trends that stood out from the responses collected include the following:

• More than one-third of the companies surveyed are actively involved in COVID-19 research

• 70% of companies surveyed have been essential businesses by Governor Gavin Newsom

• 70% of companies surveyed have essential employees working at 50% capacity or below

• 98% of companies surveyed indicated interest in employee COVID-19 testing as part of a return to work strategy


Biocom’s task force, a group made up of 50 industry leaders and led by Biocom board member and Vice Chair (Industry), Tim Scott, and staffed by Biocom’s Chief Business Officer, Rick Fultz, has reviewed the survey results and will focus on determining best practices for California’s life sciences once stay-at-home orders are eased.

On Tuesday, Governor Newsom outlined a four-step plan to reopen the state and stated that we are in stage one of the plan. Newsom said that California is a week or two away from modifying its stay-at-home orders, as long as coronavirus numbers remain stable.

Biocom’s task force aims to collect additional data from a second survey that will be deployed to members in the coming days. Once responses are analyzed, Biocom will share the results and take into consideration the sentiments of life science companies to guide us forward in effectively and safely reopening workplaces.