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Participate in Biocom Institute’s Military Fellowship Program and support veterans looking to explore careers in life sciences.

Calling All Veteran Friendly Organizations Who Are Looking for Talent!

  • 2020-02-14T00:49:00.000+0000
  • California
  • Author: Vicki Brannock

Are you looking for new talent? Do you want to be recognized as a Veteran friendly organization? Then Biocom Institute invites you to participate in the Biocom Institute’s Military Fellowship Program.

What is the career exploration Fellowship? This Fellowship (unpaid) is a light touch career exploration opportunity for transitioning military and veterans to explore the opportunities in life sciences. This program requires a minimal time commitment (7-10 hours) from the mentor. It is intended as an introduction, and it is structured with flexibility to fit your schedule. There is no cost to the company to participate in this program.

By participating, you and your company become an important part of developing a pipeline of military veterans for the life sciences industry in California, and you will build your company’s reputation for supporting our veteran population. While the 7-10-hour time commitment is minimal, the impact that you are making is substantial. Please see below for a schedule of events that are a requirement for program mentors.

Benefits of participating:

  • Prominent display of your company name and the mentor’s name on Biocom’s website
  • Recognition of your company in all promotional material for the program
  • A certificate of completion for the mentor and a certificate of appreciation for your company

Only Biocom member company employees are eligible to participate as mentors to our Military Fellows.

Expectations of program:

  • Attend 3 events over the course of the year (listed below)
  • Invite your fellow to 1 additional industry event where you can introduce him/her to your professional network
  • A minimum of I one on one session and a tour of your company
  • At the end of the program, forward your Military Fellow’s resume to at least one other member of your professional network.

Results of participating:

  • Evaluate new talent without hiring expectations
  • Give back to those who have given so much for us at a critical time in their careers
  • Mentors receive a certificate of recognition/appreciation
  • Participating company will be awarded a certificate identifying it as a military friendly organization

Opportunities to participate as mentors are only open to Biocom member companies and their employees. Register to become a mentor.

Required events:

  • 1 hour kick-off call (all mentors) on 4/7/2020. This call will introduce you to the expectations and details of the program, review timelines and dates, assign Fellows to the mentors.
  • 2 hour welcome orientation and reception (meet your fellows) on 4/21/2020. This reception will bring mentors and Fellows together for an overview of the life sciences industry from the Biocom Institute Executive Director and will provide networking time with other participants.
  • 2.5 hour capstone and end of program celebration on 10/29/2020. This high profile event will feature our Fellows and a presentations covering lessons learned, impact of the program, plus future plans. Mentors and participating companies will be thanked during celebration.