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Biocom California Newsletter Article

Take a look at how this year’s Life Science Catalyst Award recipients are transforming and progressing the industry as we know it today.

Catalyst Award Winner: Chris Bostick, Ph.D.

  • 2021-11-17T20:00:00.000+0000
  • California
  • Author: Canale Communications

Catalysts are defined by their ability to provoke change or increase the rate of significant action. Scientifically speaking, catalysts often make chemical reactions more energetically efficient. Similarly, an effective leader can create greater efficiency, productivity and innovation within an organization. That’s why Biocom California has, for the last six years, recognized and honored those within the Golden State who are sparking lasting change in the life science community. These trailblazers have blended youthful exuberance with a veteran presence to usher in the future of healthcare. Take a look at how this year's Life Science Catalyst Award recipients are transforming and progressing the industry as we know it today.

Chris Bostick, Ph.D. | Partner at OCV

Chris believes we are living in the golden age of biotech and venturing far beyond “throw darts at the board and see what sticks” approaches. Through his work as a Partner at OCV, he is one of the leaders ushering in this new era, while ensuring everyone has the best chance at receiving access to the many advancements the field is making. How does Chris approach this big-vision goal? In his mind, he believes the answers rest in focusing on innovations that span various modalities and the entire healthcare spectrum. “If you use precision medicine to find the perfect drug for a patient, but the doctor doesn’t prescribe it because they don’t have the tools to accurately diagnose, then there is still a gap in care,” he says. With so much innovation occurring at all levels of the industry—from the interdisciplinary approaches that are delivering deeper insights, to synthetic biology redefining medicine, to enhanced computational analysis providing a wealth of big data—removing barriers to equitable care has never been more pertinent. But Chris’ in-depth knowledge extends beyond the scientific and biotech realms: he identifies as a “craft beer nerd” who has sampled more than a thousand different beers in his lifetime (with some mean homebrews to speak of, too).