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Keep students engaged in STEM by visiting the STEM at Home resource portal with educational videos and fun activities.

City of STEM Creates “STEM at Home”

  • 2020-04-15T17:40:00.000+0000
  • Los Angeles
  • Author: Casey O’Neill

With less than a month away from its largest science festival to date, the City of STEM organization made the difficult but necessary decision to postpone their kick-off celebration. The team was gearing up to have more than 10,000 attendees on the grounds of the Columbia Memorial Space Center, with children and parents wandering through the exhibits, panels, and mobile museums exploring all that science, technology, engineering and mathematics has to offer. The festival would have taken place Saturday, April 4th and kicked-off the annual month-long City of STEM celebration that takes place throughout LA County. Every year, the City of STEM partners with incredible organizations such as Amgen, Biocom, Carrot, LACI, Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Office, and Tesla to champion STEM education for all in Los Angeles County by hosting pop-up events throughout the region.

As the coronavirus swept across the globe and the case numbers started to rise in California, the City of STEM team decided to postpone their science festival. The non-profit’s Founder, Ben Dickow, explained that “City of STEM is more than just a single day or month and because of the engaged network we’ve developed, we’ve become a resource for the STEM community in Southern California and for the public that we serve. As such, City of STEM is developing several strategies to leverage all of our great work to help the educators, adults and kids of Greater LA to weather this unique moment in time.”

Since the announcement of the festival postponement, the CoS team has turned lemons into lemonade by launching a new educational resource portal called “STEM at Home.” The portal features the best STEM resources for educators, adults and children including lessons, videos, activities and articles that offer advice and support to parents. The portal will grow and evolve as partners and the community are being encouraged to share their own virtual events, feedback and talent. A new festival date will be announced soon, but share your STEM ideas now to get involved in the action. If you have any material or resources you would like to share on STEM at Home, please email Rick O’Connor.