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IT Deal Desk is a complementary service for Biocom members which helps them easily source bids from quality, pre-vetted telecom and IT service providers

Introducing IT Deal Desk from Biocom and centrexIT

  • 2020-12-10T21:30:00.000+0000
  • California
  • Author: Jessica Schneider

Created jointly by Biocom and centrexIT, the leading managed IT services provider in Southern California, IT Deal Desk is a complementary service for Biocom members which helps them easily source bids from quality, pre-vetted telecom and IT service providers. The bids leverage a comparison of more than 300 premium partners spanning internet, voice, cloud, IT, cybersecurity, and more — all based on a member’s precise requirements.

The rising need for sophisticated technology to solve today’s operational challenges has driven companies to invest more resources into IT solutions, and the average IT spend for life science companies is considerably higher than other industries. This increase was highlighted in a recent interview with Biocom’s Senior Vice President and Chief Business Officer, Rick Fultz. However, researching and comparing different suppliers takes time from internal resources who could otherwise spend their energy elsewhere. Additionally, small- to medium-sized companies do not have the benefit of size to qualify for preferred pricing or negotiate more cost effective deals, and end up paying a premium for necessary services.

IT Deal Desk solves these issues by using collective buying power to get better pricing for companies who would otherwise be stuck paying full MSRP, and even provides rebates on select services. It also saves members precious time by vetting suppliers and finding deals for them. This allows businesses to focus their IT efforts on their long-term IT strategies rather than sourcing providers.

IT Deal Desk follows a three-step request process, which includes:

  1. Request Creation: Members answer a short series of questions about their IT service requirements. IT Deal Desk uses the information to bid across multiple IT providers for internet, voice, cloud services, managed IT, cybersecurity and more.
  2. Proposal Review: The IT Deal Desk team delivers proposals from multiple suppliers in an easy-to-compare format. If desired, they facilitate scheduling demos, follow-up meetings, and the preparation of contracts.
  3. Contract Execution: After a supplier or service is selected, IT Deal Desk sets up a kickoff meeting with all parties (Biocom member, IT Deal Desk Team, and master agent/carrier). IT Deal Desk helps with the planning and execution process and continues to provide support during the contract’s lifespan by contacting providers and escalating any issues on the member’s behalf.

As IT becomes one of the largest spending sectors for life science companies, having an efficient and intuitive tool to provide competitive pricing is invaluable in finding and vetting new suppliers.

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