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BioCommunique Article

The California Workforce Trends report will be first released during BIO 2020 and is the perfect opportunity for your company to receive additional exposure.

Seeking Sponsors for Biocom Institute’s Workforce Trends Report

  • 2020-02-14T00:05:00.000+0000
  • California
  • Author: Brandon Leck

Biocom Institute (the 501c3 nonprofit affiliate of Biocom) is currently seeking sponsors and partners for its upcoming California Workforce Trends report. Sponsorship of the report is an effective way to increase your company profile, support the life science industry, and would serve as charitable support of Biocom Institute. Benefits of sponsorship also include opportunities to host panels and webinars, provide a guest article, and speak at this year’s BIO International Convention in San Diego. If interested in learning more, please contact Brandon Leck for more information.

Securing talent is one of the leading issues plaguing California’s life science employers today. The state’s high cost of living, competition from the tech sector, congested commutes, and new workplace structures and cultures are exacerbating what has already been a challenging task of acquiring the talent needed to drive California’s life science innovation. The biennial California Workforce Trends report, set for a June release at BIO, articulates the life science industry’s most pressing demands for talent. It helps inform critical stakeholders of the actions needed to ensure the development of a talent pipeline with the competencies and insights that will drive a competitive advantage for California. The biennial report has been used in testimony before the Select Committee on Biotechnology, new member staff briefings, HR conferences, and is highly sought after by our academic partners, workforce investment boards, legislators, and companies.