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Biocom’s RAC Newsletter and social media updates provide you with breaking regulatory changes that affect the life science industry.

Stay Informed with Biocom’s Regulatory & Reimbursement Resources

  • 2020-01-17T19:19:00.000+0000
  • California
  • Author: Brittany Blocker

Biocom’s Regulatory Affairs Communiqué (RAC) Newsletter keeps our members informed of the changes of our evolving regulatory environment. Our monthly newsletter features Food and Drug Administration and industry news, public policy updates, event recaps, announcements of new guidance documents and requests for comments, and member spotlights. We encourage you to sign up. Subscribe to the RAC.

Biocom’s Regulatory Rundown and Reimbursement Rundowns are two LinkedIn blogs that provide members with weekly updates on the top regulatory and reimbursement news. The blogs, written by Biocom’s Manager of Regulatory Affairs, Brittany Blocker, are posted on LinkedIn every Friday and provide short summaries and key takeaways from articles. They are meant to save you time by putting in one place all the week’s major regulatory and reimbursement news. To receive notifications on when they are available, join our LinkedIn group and follow Brittany on LinkedIn and Twitter.

If you would like to be more engaged with Biocom’s regulatory activities, we encourage you to join Biocom’s Regulatory Affairs Committee, which serves as a forum to discuss regulatory matters and connect the regulatory community of California. Committee members (industry and providers) are given the unique opportunity to receive regular regulatory updates and review, comment, and recommend positions on select legislative proposals, rulemaking, and guidance affecting our industry. The Committee also provides feedback on Biocom events and initiatives related to regulatory activities. In addition, committee members enjoy networking, exchanging best practices, and discussing matters of common interest around food and refreshments. Once a quarter, committee meetings feature a guest presentation on a timely topic and offer RAC credits. If you are interested in joining the RAC committee or have any questions about Biocom’s regulatory activities, please email Brittany Blocker, Manager of Regulatory Affairs at bblocker@biocom.org.