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Did you know that women make up ~66 percent of the population over age 85? Read on for more interesting facts about women in the workforce.

Top 10 Takeaways From Retirement DNA’s “Savvy Women, Smart Investments” Breakfast Workshop

  • 2019-06-13T18:29:00.000+0000
  • California
  • Author: Mandy Yeganegi

This past March, our endorsed supplier of retirement planning, RetirementDNA, hosted a workshop on financial planning called “Savvy Women, Smart Investors” – an insightful discussion about the financial challenges women have as it relates to the workforce, including navigating life stages successfully, smart money moves for every age, and how to make 2019 the year it all falls into place.

Post-presentation, the discussion was lively and the energy palpable, as female finance professionals fueled each other with real-life case studies and best practices they’ve implemented at their own companies.

If you weren’t able to join, here are some of the high-level takeaways from RDNA’s workshop:

  1. 47% of the workforce today is female (1)
  2. 50% of women are in management or professional occupations
  3. 44% of women are their family's primary breadwinner
  4. Estimated that women make 26% less than their male counterparts (2)
  5. 60% of the caregivers in the US are women
  6. Women are twice as likely to retire for personal or familial health reasons (3)
  7. 87% of boomers have been married at least once in their lives
  8. Women are living about 5-7 years longer than men – average widow age is a young 57
  9. Women make up ~66% of the population over age 85
  10. 80% of plan sponsors reporting having employees delay retirement due to a lack of savings and increased health care costs. (4)