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DE&I Glossary of Terms

DEI Glossary of Terms, Diversity Best Practices
As the diversity and inclusion field has exploded, the terminology has grown too. Words we use matter—that they can reflect bias or challenge it, bring teams together or divide them. Share with your colleagues, teams, and leaders so that you’re all speaking the same language.

Inclusive Language Guide, GSMA
Inclusive language avoids using words, expressions or assumptions that would stereotype, demean, or exclude people. (Please note the terms used in this guide reflect the diverse identities and experiences of British and American society. There might be alternative preferred terms in other regions.)

Language of Inclusion, James Wright
Used by nearly 150,000 HR & Global Diversity and Inclusion Leaders, this tool provides organizations with a vocabulary that expands the knowledge and the comfort level of all employees when engaging in dialogue about Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging in the workplace.

DE&I for Board of Directors

Bringing Diversity and Inclusion into the Board of Directors, CMS Wire
Inclusion is an act. Sustaining a community of belonging that arises from that inclusion requires a process. Managing compliance to director membership will have a substantial and cascading impact for sustaining diversity and inclusion processes for years to come.  

CA Assembly Bill No. 979, Chapter 316
Requires a publicly held domestic or foreign corporation whose principal executive office is located in California to have a minimum of one female director on its board. It also requires such a corporation with more than 4 but fewer than nine directors to have a minimum of two directors from underrepresented communities.

How Boards Can Lead Inclusively from the Top, Corporate Board Member
Lead inclusively and incentivize others to do the same. An inclusive organization is built by systems and leaders. Board chairs and CEOs make the most progress on D&I when they not only have the right systems and metrics in place, but when they also lead inclusively themselves.

How to Create a More Diverse Board of Directors, US Chamber of Commerce
Go outside your network and expand your selection criteria to find board members who will help you build a stronger, more inclusive business. Improving the diversity of your board can have a ripple effect on other parts of your business, attracting other diverse talent, improving innovation, and contributing to long-term success. Here’s how to get started.

Creating a DE&I Statement

Creating a Diversity and Inclusion Statement for Your Business, Zenefits
A diversity and inclusion statement can illustrate your organization’s commitment to fostering a welcoming workplace that celebrates differences. A DE&I statement is a great starting point for small businesses seeking to improve the experience of both employees and customers.

The Importance of Having an Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Statement, MassBio
If your organization doesn’t already have an equity, diversity, and inclusion (ED&I) statement, it should. Like mission and vision statements, an ED&I statement provides a guiding principle for your company to aspire to.

Sample DEI Statements

AbbVie DEI Statement

Gladstone Institutes DEI Statement

Illumina DEI Statement

Sutro BioPharma DEI Statement

Takeda DEI Statement

DE&I Calendar

3 Ways to Celebrate Your Employees Cultural Diversity,
You can increase morale and engagement by nurturing an inclusive workplace.

2021 Diversity Holidays & Observances, James Wright, Diversity & Inclusion Strategist
In a world that is increasingly more diverse, every organization needs a reminder of cultural holidays, religious observances, and celebrations.

Apr 2021- Dec 2022 Diversity & Inclusion Calendar, CADIA with Support from Deloitte
Knowing and learning about diverse celebrations and holidays can enhance your workplace culture.

Additional Resources

CEO Action for DIversity and Inclusion
CEO Action was founded on a shared belief that diversity, equity and inclusion is a societal issue, not a competitive one, and that collaboration and bold action from the business community – especially CEOs – is vital to driving change at scale.

LeanIn.Org 50 Ways to FIght Bias
50 Ways to Fight Bias is a free digital program to empower all employees to identify and challenge bias head on.  The program is optimized for virtual workshops and consists of two parts:  a short video that explains the most common types of biases that women face and a digital card activity where small groups of participants discuss specific examples of bias, brainstorm solutions together and learn research-backed recommendations for what to do.  The digital cards highlight almost 100 instances of workplace bias, including the compounding biases women experience because of their race, sexual orientation, disability, or other aspects of their identity.

MassBio ED&i Resource Center
In order for the life sciences industry in Massachusetts to continue its success, equity, diversity, and inclusion cannot be just another initiative. It must be the backbone of company policy from the top-down and reflected in executive culture, recruitment, retention, and advancement strategies, and it must be sustainable and accountable.

Racial Equity Playbook
Consider this a starting point for your leadership team. As you get started, some suggestions may seem too far a stretch or not possible for your organization. That’s OK! You don’t need to address every item on the list at once. The most important point is to make the commitment, hold yourself accountable and take action. As you make progress, you may find that items that at first appeared daunting become more approachable. Or you might prefer to defer some items in 1.0 and incorporate others in 2.0 or 3.0 earlier. This is a guidebook, not a prescription and the highest payback items will vary by organization. We encourage you to focus on racial equity, as this is where progress has been slowest.

The Leadership Edge
Building an inclusive culture starts at the top.  The Leadership Edge Board Assessments create immediate value by stimulating board discussion, engagement, and buy-in related to board composition and diversity to accelerate the company’s growth and success.

This Resource Center has been created to complement your DE&I initiatives and/or strategies. The links and information included in this Resource Center are suggestions to help you on your individual/company journey and is in no way an exhaustive list of what is available. The vendors listed have not been endorsed by Biocom California.