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Artificial Intelligence Committee

Mission Statement
The purpose of this committee will be to coordinate, prepare and execute, educational-focused events with the purpose of informing various populations on how to apply, embed, and integrate artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) for their own needs, as it relates to life science. We focus events towards industry companies, regulatory/compliance, investors, researchers, or general applications.

An additional goal of the committee is to be the information hub of all AI-Life Science related activities in California, which includes identifying and engaging with established assets, groups, associations or organizations. This committee will be considered successful if it can strengthen AI in the Life Sciences, by growing awareness, disseminating information, and fostering the growth of its application.

Committee Make-Up
To ensure a strong working committee, participation will include the Co-Chairs and Committee members. For Los Angeles residents, in person participation is strongly preferred though call-in numbers will be provided for non-local Members. Meetings take place every other month at 2:00 PM. The location will rotate between Biocom’s offices and the offices of the co-chairs to encourage participation from around the region. The Committee is facilitated and led by a Biocom Team Member and Committee Chair.

Committee Responsibilities:

  • Act as a resource to Biocom members regarding AI/ML matters in California
  • Identify event topics, assist in the planning of educational workshops, including developing themes, and identifying and securing speakers
  • Actively participate and collaborate with committee members to implement strategic initiatives through Committee Events
  • Participate in community outreach to bolster Committee participation, as well as soliciting feedback for future ideas, events topics, or market needs
  • Keep abreast of regulation changes that will affect the AI as it applies to the life science industry, and communicate changes to Biocom staff and other committee members
  • Discuss ways to catalog existing resources, grow these resources and/or attract the needed resources from out of the area

Biocom Responsibilities:

  • Organize, market and produce AI/ML related events and/or workshops and activities
  • At the direction of the committee chair, provide official communication to committee members through agendas, emails, and background documents for all committee meetings
  • Organize logistics for AI/ML committee meetings
  • Organize logistics for AI/ML committee meetings
  • Attract new committee members
  • Ensure accurate and updated information in publications

Committee Information:

  • Biocom Staff Contact: Sree Batchu
  • Committee Co-Chairs: Sandra Martins, Matthew Michelson