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Bay Area Facilities/Environmental Health & Safety Committee

Mission Statement

The joint Facilities/EH&S committee provides a central forum in the life science community for professionals working in these fields to share best practices related to construction, permitting, lab/office design, inspections, and other issues involved in operating a facility. Additionally, committee members work closely with regulators and government to ensure that the life science industry is considered when policy changes are proposed.

Committee Make-Up

To ensure a strong working committee, participation will include the co-chairs and committee members. Committee members are required to attend/call in to at least four Facilities/EH&S related meetings per year to maintain a seat on the committee. 2017 was the kickoff year for this committee; 2018 meeting schedule is forthcoming.

Committee Responsibilities

  • Review and give input on staff recommendations for Biocom positions on proposed legislation at local, state and federal levels
  • Attend committee related events, including (but not limited to) legislative roundtables, committee workshops, and the annual Facilities/EH&S reception.

Biocom Responsibilities

  • Encourage participation from industry and non-industry companies/organizations in workshops.
  • Participate in community outreach to bolster committee participation, as well as outreach to government offices and life science clusters.
  • Act as a resource for the Biocom membership regarding Facilities/EH&S matters.
  • Keep abreast of regulations and code changes that will affect the life science industry and communicate changes to Biocom staff.
  • Give expert perspective/input on potential legislation and report to the Legislative Committee/Public Policy Oversight Committee for further Biocom action.

Committee Information

  • Biocom Staff Contact: Melanie Cohn
  • Committee Chairs: TBD
  • Remote Attendance: Can’t make it to committee meetings? Contact Melanie Cohn for call-in information.

Committee Admissions Requirements:

  • Must be Biocom members. All members welcome.