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Cell & Gene Therapy Working Group

Mission Statement
Biocom California’s Cell & Gene Therapy Working Group aims to support members operating in the cell & gene therapy space by keeping abreast of industry and federal agency trends, engaging on issues impacting the community, sharing best practices, and providing opportunities to network.

Working Group Make-Up
The Working Group is open to Biocom California industry members who work or have an interest in the Cell & Gene Therapy sector. Service providers will be considered for membership on a case-by-case basis. To ensure a strong working group, participation includes two WG chairs and WG members. A cadence for meetings and special programming will be decided by the WG after the first meeting. WG members are strongly encouraged to attend meetings or can forward it to someone in their company who they think would be best for the topic in discussion.

Working Group Objectives

  • Share knowledge on common hurdles and best practices in the industry.
  • Keep abreast of regulation and policies changes that will impact the Cell & Gene Therapy industry; Communicate feedback and recommend positions to Biocom California staff.
  • Participate in events to bolster community engagement and interest in the Cell & Gene Therapy space.

Working Group Information

  • Biocom California Staff Contact: Izzie Omer, Regulatory Policy Associate
  • Committee Chairs: Jens Vogel, Bayer; Kelli Tanzella, Thermo Fisher Scientific