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Education Committee

Mission Statement
To support networking and resource alignment between educators and industry, this committee seeks to inspire life sciences education (from kindergarten to continuing education of adults), increase student awareness of careers in the life sciences industries, and promote workforce development. This committee will provide valuable input on current needs within the life sciences industry, and where the gaps are in education, from a curriculum standpoint. Their knowledge and insight will help shape Biocom Institute’s programs.

Committee Make-Up
To ensure a strong working committee, participation will be limited to educators and school administrators, as well as individuals who are currently working in the life sciences industry. Parents who want to be in tune with STEM programming in schools are also welcome to participate. Committee members will be required to attend/call in to at least three of four quarterly meetings per year to maintain a seat on the committee. In person participation is strongly preferred, though a call in number will be provided. The Committee is facilitated and led by a Biocom Team member and Committee Chair. Meetings will take place on the second Thursday of every other month at 12:00 pm.

Committee Responsibilities:

  • Promote the Biocom Institute and its education initiatives at every opportunity, through collaboration and relationship building with other businesses, organizations, and groups
  • Contribute specific expertise from key industries and articulate evolving industry needs to influence workforce development
  • Provide valuable input on current needs within the schools as well as major changes in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) from a curriculum standpoint
  • Assist in increasing awareness and participation in STEM events/activities from the K-12 demographic, students, parents, and teachers
  • Planning and PR for the STEM Voice Competition
  • View and rate videos submitted for the STEM Voice Competition

Biocom Responsibilities:

  • Serve as a resource in the community, participating in as many networks as possible (school districts, PTAs, community and parent groups, industry associations)
  • Provide official communication to all parties, as well as grassroots communication and promotion of events
  • Provide a clear procedure for participation in each education program and activity
  • Create advertising materials to promote programs
  • Ensure accurate and updated information in publications
  • Keep Biocommunique current and interesting: Submit links, education & workforce related articles and events to be posted