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Food & Ag Tech Committee

Mission Statement
Biocom California ’s Food & Ag Tech Committee aims to support members operating in the Food & Ag Tech sector by keeping abreast of industry trends, engaging on issues impacting the Food & Ag Tech community, sharing best practices, and providing opportunities to network.

Committee Make-Up
The Committee is open to Biocom California members who work or have an interest in the Food & Ag Tech sector. To ensure a strong working committee, participation includes two committee chairs and committee members. In-person meetings, featuring special programming, are held once a quarter. Webinars and larger events will be held two times a year. Committee members are strongly encouraged to attend meetings or can forward it to someone in their company who they think would be best for the topic in discussion.

Committee Responsibilities:

  • Assist in planning of quarterly meetings, educational and networking events, including developing themes, identifying and securing speakers.
  • Keep abreast of trends, regulations, and policies changes that will impact the Food & Ag Tech industry; Communicate feedback and recommend positions to Biocom California staff.
  • Participate in community outreach to bolster committee participation.

Committee Information:

  • Biocom California Staff Contact: Cheryl L. Zuckerman
  • Committee Co-Chairs: David Schroeder, Triton Algae Innovations; Nick Ouzounov, Geltor