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Intellectual Property Committee

Mission Statement

Biocom’s IP committee brings the Southern California legal and life science communities together through discussion of important intellectual property and patent law issues affecting our members, and serves as a forum to improve working relations between the USPTO and industry.

Committee Make-Up

The Committee is open to all Biocom members (industry and providers) interested in IP and patent law issues. Calls are held monthly, on the second Thursday of the month at noon PST. In-person meetings, featuring special programming, are held once a quarter. Committee members are strongly encouraged to attend in-person meetings.

Committee Overview

Committee members remain at the forefront of new IP developments through regular updates on legislation, guidances, and Congressional hearings overseeing IP matters or featuring PTO personnel, as well as reports on public forums held at PTO headquarters.

Committee members are given the unique opportunity to advise Biocom’s Public Policy Committee on IP matters and recommend Biocom’s positions on regulatory and legislative proposals. They also review and comment on new IP and patent law bills, PTO guidances, reports, White House executive actions, and Supreme Court decisions.

Once a quarter, members meet in person and enjoy networking, exchanging best practices, and discussing matters of common interest around food and refreshments. They are also briefed on a specific IP matter by industry experts (members are welcome to suggest topics and present).

In the past years, the Committee has discussed patent litigation reform (“patent trolls”), PTO subject matter eligibility guidance (“Myriad-Mayo”), PTO fee diversion, RCE backlog, sequestration, relevant Supreme Court cases, and the IP Chapter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), among others.

Committee Information

  • Biocom Staff Contact: Laure Fabrega

  • Committee Chairs: Dan Hart, IP Counsel, Agilent Technologies, Brenden Gingrich, Partner, Knobbe Martens