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Oversight Committee – Biocom California

Mission Statement
This committee seeks to provide leadership and direction in activities of Biocom in the area of government and regulatory affairs.

Committee Make-Up
To ensure a strong working committee, participation includes the Co-Chairs and Committee members. Meetings typically take place quarterly on Fridays from 8:00 – 9:00 am.

Committee Responsibilities:

  • Act in accordance with Biocom Strategic Plan including:
  • Determine legislative priorities and initiatives
  • Establish final Biocom positions on policy issues
  • Guide direction of department

Biocom Responsibilities:

  • At the direction of the committee co-chairs, provide official communication to committee members through agendas, emails, and background documents for all committee meetings.
  • Prepare and distribute marketing materials to promote any policy related events and/or workshops and activities, including registration materials.
  • Ensure accurate and updated information in publications.

Committee Information:

  • Biocom Staff Contact: Jimmy Jackson
  • Committee Co-Chairs: Larry Stambaugh, Molecular Assemblies; Paul Laikind, ViaCyte
  • Committee Admissions Requirements: As a Biocom board-level committee, membership is limited to Biocom Board members, their designees, and the chairs/co-chairs (or their designees) of the Legislative, Facilities, Intellectual Property, Regulatory Affairs, and Environmental Health and Safety Committees.