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Purchasing Group Advisory Committee

Mission Statement
The Advisory Committees provide an opportunity within the life science community to discuss best purchasing trends within the following areas: Lab, Facilities/Operations, Data/IT, Travel, and Finance/HR.

The Committees also offer educational opportunities through vendor presentations, trainings on best practices, options to attend events and others. Finally, the committees help oversee the competitiveness of our current contracts, share feedback on them, and help advise on new business opportunities.

Committee Make-Up
To ensure a strong working committee, each of the five Advisory Committees are made up of Co-Chairs and committee members. Meetings take place bi-annually or quarterly, depending on how often each committee decides to meet.

Committee Responsibilities:

  • Participate in community outreach to bolster the committee participation
  • Help oversee the competitiveness of our current contracts and share feedback on them
  • Act as a resource for Biocom California and other Biocom California members regarding purchasing matters in any area
  • Give expert advice/knowledge on potential new contracts that Biocom California PG is vetting

Biocom California Responsibilities:

  • Organize logistics for Advisory Committee meetings and events
  • Provide educational opportunities including: vendor education, opportunities to attend educational conferences and/or workshops, and opportunities for certifications
  • Educate on current suppliers and help connect members with suppliers

Committee Information: