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San Diego Environmental Health & Safety Committee

Mission Statement
The San Diego Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) Committee is comprised of life science industry health and safety managers, and meets bimonthly to share best practices, provide continuing education opportunities, and plan workshops and events for those working in these fields. Through this committee, Biocom members work collaboratively with local regulators and inspectors, and recommend positions on environmental legislation to Biocom’s Public Policy Oversight Committee.

Committee Responsibilities:

  • Provide input to policy makers and other Biocom committees on legislative proposals.
  • Assist in planning of workshops, including developing themes, and identifying and securing speakers.
  • Serve as a mentoring platform for EH&S managers from smaller companies and those who are new to the field.
  • Keep abreast of regulations and code changes that will impact the life science industry and communicate changes to Biocom staff.
  • Share relevant permitting and inspection experiences at regular meetings; contribute to an open sharing environment and maintain discretion.

Biocom Responsibilities:

  • Provide legislative and regulatory updates and solicit input at regular meetings.
  • At the direction of the Co-Chairs, provide official communication to committee members through agendas, emails, and background documents for all committee meetings.
  • Provide clear procedures for participation in each workshop and coordinate the program with the committee, Co-Chairs, and speakers.
  • Prepare and distribute marketing materials to promote workshops and activities, including registration materials.
  • Ensure accurate and updated information in publications.
  • Organize logistics for EH&S Committee meetings and workshops.

2021 Meeting Dates: February 18, April 15, June 17, August 19, October 21

Committee Information:

  • Biocom Staff Contact: Melanie Cohn
  • Committee Co-Chairs: Cliff Hanna, Senior Safety Engineer, General Atomics; Dan Shiel, Director of Risk & Quality Management Services, Pfizer La Jolla
  • Committee Admissions Requirements: Must be Biocom members. All members welcome.