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Volunteer Committee

Mission Statement

To champion volunteering in the classroom and to support industry outreach by getting professionals excited about coming to talk to students. The Volunteer Committee’s goal is to help Biocom Institute become “the resource” for Biocom member companies’ employees when they think about volunteering. The Volunteer Committee also connects Biocom members, their families, or their companies to volunteer opportunities with Biocom Institute partners.

To provide volunteer support at Biocom Institute’s major events, with a primary focus on the San Diego Festival of Science & Engineering’s EXPO Day. Five members of the Volunteer Committee serve as Information Booth Leads on EXPO Day, and all Committee members give input on logistical needs and event preparation. The Volunteer Committee also assists with recruiting new volunteers and continues to foster enthusiasm for volunteering at EXPO Day among volunteers who come back year after year. In addition, Education Committee members serve as ambassadors in the community, assisting with marketing for Biocom Institute’s major events throughout the year, such as the monthly STEM In Your Backyard events.

To support and grow the STEM Ambassador program, assisting with outreach and training. STEM Ambassadors are college students who are responsible for attending/promoting Festival Week events and encouraging student engagement.

Committee Make-Up

To ensure a strong working committee, Committee Members will be required to attend/call in to at least three of four quarterly meetings per year to maintain a seat on the committee. In person participation is strongly preferred, though a call in number will be provided. The Committee is facilitated and led by a Biocom Team member and Committee Chair. Meetings will take place quarterly.

Committee Responsibilities

  • Serve in leadership roles at the San Diego Science & Engineering’s EXPO Day, take pictures, market on social media
  • Provide feedback on volunteer coordination and EXPO Day logistics
  • Assist with “getting the word out” about Festival Week events and EXPO Day
  • Assist with recruiting volunteers for Biocom Institute events
  • Steward the STEM Ambassador program
  • Assist Biocom Institute with connecting to different volunteer groups (sororities, fraternities, after school education programs)
  • Identify new groups Biocom Institute can connect with for volunteer opportunities
  • Work as a team to provide logistical support at Info Booths on EXPO Day

Biocom Responsibilities

  • Orient and train volunteers
  • Structure volunteer roles, track volunteer hours
  • Provide official communication to all parties, as well as grass roots communication and promotion of events
  • Provide clear procedure for volunteer participation in each event/activity
  • Create advertising materials to promote volunteer opportunities
  • Organize logistics for meetings themselves
  • Support industry outreach