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Fact Sheets – Biocom California

Biocom Fact Sheet is the source for Biocom corporate info. Read about who we are, our policy priorities, and download life science industry reports.

2018 Life Science Reports

2018 Talent Report: California Workforce Trends in the Life Science Industry – Read

2018 Life Science Workforce Trends Report – Read

Who We Are:

Biocom Fact Sheet – Read

Los Angeles Office Fact Sheet – Read

Policy Priorities

Federal Priorities – Read

Regional Priorities – San Diego – Read

Regional Priorities – Los Angeles – Read

2017 Economic Impact Reports

California Fact Sheet – Read

Northern California Fact Sheet – Read

Southern California Fact Sheet – Read

Los Angeles County Fact Sheet – Read

Orange County Fact Sheet – Read

San Diego County Fact Sheet – Read

City of San Diego Fact Sheet – Read

Full 2017 Databook – Read


News Releases
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