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Ideas, Energized featuring Karmin Noar

Ideas, Energized Podcast: Raising the Next Generation of STEM Leaders

September 29, 2020

Karmin Noar, Executive Director of Biocom Institute, was recently a guest on the Ideas, Energized podcast to discuss how the Greater LA Region has contributed to the empowerment of STEM education, what diversity means, and how we can raise the next generation of STEM leaders as part of the legacy of Los Angeles.

She joined guest host Ben Dickow (Executive Director of the Columbia Memorial Space Center and City of STEM Festival director) and Rohit Shukla (Founder and CEO of Larta Institute).


View more about the podcast here.

The interview came ahead of City of STEM, LA’s largest science program, which runs the entire month of April with over 150 events occurring across Greater LA. Due to the pandemic, the live events, which usually see tens of thousands of attendees, had to be postponed. Now, it is going online! If you’re a fan of STEM, this is the ultimate event for you. Get updates on the new space race with real rocket scientists and NASA engineers! Learn how to grow a STEM kid! See the latest local science being leveraged to combat COVID!

Learn more at cityofstem.org.