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Banyanbaum LLC

530 E McDowell Road Ste 107-157
Phoenix,   Arizona
United States
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Medical Device & Diagnostic
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About Banyanbaum LLC
Medical Device & Diagnostic Company
Banyanbaum accelerates companies in various stages, whether it is fund raising, business planning and development, infrastructure building, or deal making. The ultimate goal is to ensure rapid and sustainable growth for clients and business/investment partners.

The founder excels in achieving such goals due to her innate curiosity, connecting the vision with execution, and skillful collaboration. Her purposeful and compassionate personality brings the best out of colleagues throughout the world.

• Life Science/Biotech/Digital Health
• Robotics/Manufacturing
• ESG/Social Enterprises
• Tech (Hardware and Software)

• Strategic/Financial Planning
• Biz Dev and M&A
• Fundraising/Corp Governance
• Infrastructure/Operation
• Project and Product Management
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