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GWR Instruments

5985 Pacific Center Blvd Ste 203
San Diego,   California
United States
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About GWR Instruments
Biotech Company
Helium Liquefiers: As the world’s supplier of Superconducting Gravimeters, GWR has perfected the art of small scale Helium liquefaction and now offers stand alone systems for general laboratory use. Liquid Helium is produced from customer supplied gas at an efficient rate and is stored in its self contained Dewar ready for customer use. We presently offer 3 liter/day and 6 liter/day systems. Storage Dewar capacity is 42 liters. Any research requiring dependable and cost effective supplies of Liquid Helium at 2 or 4 liters/week can benefit from these systems. www.gwrinstruments.com
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