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Nano Imaging Services

4940 Carroll Canyon Rd Ste 115
San Diego,   California
United States
Medical Device & Diagnostic
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About Nano Imaging Services
Medical Device & Diagnostic Company
NanoImagingServices specializes in providing transmission electron microscopy (TEM)services designed to meet the specific imaging, analysis and documentationrequirements of the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and nanotechnology industries. We are unique in our ability to deliver the most advanced capabilities in a reliable, fee-for-service,commercial model that leverages our technical expertise with emphasis onconsultative customer service, tightly-controlled operational procedures andon-time performance.We offer our services at a range of levels, including: previews to provide a smallsample of images for initial assessment, automated data collection to obtainstatistically valid datasets, and several types of advanced analysis forparticle characterization or three-dimensional reconstruction. TEM imaging using negative stain or cryoEM €“ liposomes, viruses, VLPs, largemacromolecules, cell free systems.
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