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Mentor in Residence

Mentor in Residence

Would your company benefit from someone who is a leader in Customer Development, Design, Manufacturing or Business Modeling? Someone who spots gaps in the market and comes up with non-obvious solutions? Someone who can translate solutions into testable assumptions and outcomes?

Who are the MIRs
Mid-to-Senior Level Executives, Technology Entrepreneurs, Software Designers, Policymakers, Business Gurus, Academia and Non-Profit Leaders who have led innovative achievements in their field. These individuals are highly skilled and tenured in their specific fields and want to help you solve your most difficult issues.

What Biocom California Will Offer
With our MIR program we can provide a co-entrepreneur who joins your team a few times a month/week to keep everyone focused and help you reach your goals. Office hours are available for guidance or advice regarding pitching and presentations, business model development, strategy and process, FDA navigation, legal questions and capital development assistance. MIR meetings will be hosted at no cost to our members.

Why Join our MIR Program
We know it’s not easy to find someone who can not only give a presentation about all the above, but also execute it while helping to lead the team. We at Biocom California have built up a team of serial entrepreneurs who have gone through the entrepreneur life cycle and are ready to give back. The purpose of the MIR program through Biocom California is to provide a high-fidelity resource for founders to reduce risk within their project, allowing them to become more fundable, which results in more fledgling companies finding success.

Find more information about the program below, or contact us to get involved.