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Thermo Fisher Scientific ARTICLE

Biocom brought a number of CEOs in the San Francisco Bay Area together to network and hear from Marc Casper on Thermo Fisher Scientific's success.

Biocom Hosts Bay Area CEO Dinner with Marc Casper, CEO of Thermo Fisher Scientific

  • Published on 12th, April 2019
  • Bay Area
  • Author: Michelle Nemits

On April 8, the Biocom Bay Area team brought several CEOs together for an executive dinner with the CEO of Thermo Fisher Scientific, Marc Casper, and his leadership team. Thermo Fisher Scientific is the world's leader in serving science, with over 70,000 employees worldwide and $24 billion annual revenues, and they hosted the evening's festivities.

Mr. Casper shared that the company spends in excess of $1 billion annually on R&D and has an unparalleled breadth of capabilities to serve the life science industry. The key to their success, Mr. Casper said, is a constant focus on their core mission to "enable customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer." The exclusive dinner afforded the attendees an opportunity to converse with one of the industry's leading CEOs, as well as network with other Bay Area executives.