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Denise (DeeDee) DeMan

Founder, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Bench International

Denise (DeeDee) DeMan is the Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Bench International. With an indefatigable, pioneering spirit, DeeDee has taken Bench from its founding in 1974 to its eminence today as one of the most successful companies “shattering” diversity ceilings bringing women, people of color, as well as those who “think” and “do” differently to leadership roles in life science companies. She has an unwavering commitment to, “One Global Team, One Budget, No Borders, No Boundaries,” mitigating any internal competition, thus providing Bench’s clients with Best in Class “Athletes” who bring them closer to changing the course of diseases. Being cause-motivated and giving back is critical to DeeDee, and she has devoted decades to serving as a member of multiple non-profit boards. She is a founding board member of Learning Forum International (LFI). Recently, DeeDee was appointed to the Advisory Board of BIOCOM. DeeDee is also a Board member of The Maple Counseling Center (TMCC). DeeDee holds double Master’s degrees in Auditory and Speech Pathology.