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Career / Job Seeker Tips

Network- Attend seminars, networking happy hours, openings of new lab buildings, fundraisers, volunteer, join professional orgs- networking is a huge part of finding a job in today's market. Most times, people will find jobs through friends of friends. We suggest emailing your network of friends, old coworkers, etc., describing that you are looking for new opportunities and would love any leads/ suggestions going forward. You never know who your network might know! Make networking cards. You can even get free cards using Vista Print. You can check our events page for professional development opportunities or choose to attend events in the community that interest you.

Stay relevant- Be very active in social media to find jobs. Twitter and LinkedIn are some of the better avenues to find jobs using social media. Recruiters often use LinkedIn to find their talent base therefore we suggest updating your LinkedIn profile highlighting your skills and work history. Join many groups affiliated with your interest in the San Diego area and be sure to comment and post links, etc. You might find that connections and recruiter’s might seek you out. Here is a list of Staffing Companies: Driven Staffing, Proven, Biospace, and Biophase.

Research- It is your responsibility to find a fulfilling career. Most jobs aren’t  going to come to you, you must seek them out and take control of the situation! Make sure to set daily goals of researching companies for potential job openings. If you don’t know where to start, please go to the Biocom membership directory and search through the 550+ companies affiliated with Biocom. Take time to go to each companies page and search for their “career” page. If they aren’t hiring, but suggest you email your resume to HR, do so. Check out our online Career Center.

Update your resume- This seems simple enough,but many people I have worked with, have failed to do so.  Make sure to describe your work experience and educational background. If you have had 20 jobs in the past ten years, you might want to stick to the top positions(unless writing a CV) that are relevant for the position you are looking for. If you have had 2 jobs in the last 20 years, then beef up your job duties. Be concise and clear, check syntax, diction, spacing, grammar, font, etc. Have friends and family look over it.

Flexibility- Be flexible and realistic with the types of jobs you are applying for. If you are a new graduate, realize you will need to start at an entry level position to earn your place in a company. If you are changing careers, realize that you might need to accept a lower level position that you are used to get your foot in the door. If you are continuing in your career path, be more humble and less entitled when applying for jobs. Remember San Diego has a high concentration of College and Post-Graduate degree people, thus a degree only will, most likely, not get you the job. Job descriptions depict the “perfect” candidate, but usually this doesn’t exist. If you have 80% of the qualifications of a position, then apply! Be resilient and confident in your job search.

Post interview follow-up- Do not follow-up (make contact) with a company more than 2 times after an interview, unless specifically told to do so.

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