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Biocom's 2017 Economic Impact Report

Biocom’s 2017 Economic Impact Report underscores the significant contributions of the life science industry across California and in unique geographic clusters throughout the state.

California: The Golden State with Golden Opportunities

Life science companies in California together generate nearly $317 billion in annual economic output, boost the state’s total gross product by $171.4 billion, support more than 1.1 million jobs and increase labor income by $92 billion per year. These are among the key findings of Biocom’s 2017 Economic Impact Report Databook, which sizes up the California life science industry through an analysis of economic, demographic and industry performance data.  


California's Distinct Life Science Clusters

Biocom's 2017 Economic Impact Report measures the success of each of California's diverse life science clusters, recognizing the individual strengths of these unique regions. With each summarized one page report, Biocom aims to empower our elected officials, biotech and pharmaceutical companies, and life science professionals with the resources they need to understand and communicate the critical relationship between California's life sciences and the state's economic engine.  

Los Angeles: Measuring Growth in a Sprawling City  

Los Angeles County's life science industry: 

  • Home to more than 2,400 life science establishments: 103 biopharmaceutical companies, 436 medical device and diagnostic companies, 787 research and lab support institutions 
  • Employs nearly 70,000 people
  • Generates $40.3 billion in county economic output 
  • Total labor income: $11.9 billion 
  • Awarded over $890 million in NIH research awards in 2016 fiscal year

Impact of Northern California's Life Sciences  

Northern California's life science industry:

  • Home to more than 2,470 individual life science establishments within nine counties with
    500 establishments in Alameda County, 291 establishments in San Francisco County,
    367 establishments in San Mateo County, and 704 in Santa Clara County.
  • Generates almost $114 billion in economic output
  • Employs 96,000 people 
  • Supports more than 302,000 jobs with region-wide impact of nearly 400,000 jobs
  • Contributes $68.6 billion per year to the state gross product

San Diego's Life Science Cluster

San Diego County's life science industry:

  • 1,200 unique life science establishments
  • Provides nearly 50,000 jobs and supports 133,000 jobs in the county 
  • Generates $33.6 billion in economic output and adds $19.4 billion to the local gross product
  • Life science establishments brought over $832 million in NIH grants in FY2016.

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