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Here are the answers to the questions most frequently asked about Biocom membership...

How many companies does Biocom represent?
While Biocom currently has more than 825 paying member companies, the organization represents more than 128,000 employees within the Southern California life science sector.
How do I become a member?
Your company becomes a member by completing and submitting Biocom's membership application. Once we receive your payment and review the application, it will take us less than 48 hours to process. At this point, we will send you a new member kit that will provide you with further details on your membership.
How much does membership in Biocom cost?
Biocom has several membership categories with varying membership dues levels. Industry members dues are based upon employee headcount within Southern California. Service Providers can choose from one of three levels of membership in which to join: Premium Provider, Key Provider or Provider. Research Institutions, academia and non-profit organizations have a membership category of their own. For more information please call 858.455.0300 or fill out the form on the right.
How can I pay for membership?
We accept Visa, MasterCard or American Express. We also accept check payments. Checks should be made payable to Biocom and should be sent to: Biocom 10996 Torreyana Rd., Suite 200, San Diego, CA 92121
If I'm a CRO/CMO, what membership category do I join under?
CRO's and CMO's join Biocom under our Industry membership level.
How long does membership last?
Membership with Biocom is for a 12-month period from the month your membership begins. Membership is automatically renewed annually on the anniversary date.
Do I need to be located within Southern California to be eligible to join Biocom?
No, companies are not required to have a Southern California presence to join Biocom. Biocom has numerous members located outside of the region and the United States.
Does Biocom offer individual membership?
Memberships are only available to companies/organizations, not individuals.
My company is a subsidiary of a current Biocom member, am I considered a member too?
Unfortunately, you are not considered a current member. Every company with an individual Federal Tax Identification Number must join as a separate member of our association.
Does my membership provide me with access to other Biocom members?
Yes, as Biocom members you get access to our online membership directory. The directory outlines detailed information about each of our member companies including primary and alternate contact information.
If my company is a member, am I?
Yes, once your company joins our organization, all employees at every location can take advantage of the membership benefits offered through membership.
How do I find out if my company is a member?
You can search our online membership directory or you can call the membership department at 858.455.0300
Do you hold events outside of Southern California?
Most of our events are held within Southern California however we will be holding some events in San Francisco.
What are the best ways to take advantage of my membership?
By getting involved! Network at events, join a committee and build exposure for your company through our marketing channels. Additionally, save your company money through participation in our purchasing group. Participating members can easily save more than they pay in annual membership dues and frequently recover their initial investment within the first quarter of participating. To learn more about your membership, please contact the membership department.

Other Questions About Membership?

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