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Final Deadline to Apply January 6, 2017

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What is the Introductory Life Science Experience (ILSE) Program?

  • 2 weeks of lab skills and work readiness training (no experience necessary)
  • 160 hours paid internship in a biotech company ($11.50 per hour)
  • High school diploma or GED assistance (as needed)
  • One-on-one case management services
  • College or technical/vocational school enrollment assistance
  • Employment search assistance

Who is the ILSE Program for?

  • Individuals not enrolled in school (GED or Adult Ed students qualify)
  • Individuals who are high school or college graduates or dropouts
  • Individuals living in high crime / low income area
  • Individuals in foster care (currently or previously)
  • Individuals who are pregnant or parenting 

General Eligibility*

  • Right to Work in U.S.
  • Must be between ages 17-24
  • Must have valid Social Security Number
  • Must qualify as Out-of-School Youth or low income, as defined by the Workforce Investment & Opportunity Act.

Interested in Participating?

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ILSE introduces participants to college level introduction to biotechnology and practical lab courses. Work readiness training and certifications are provided to all youth participants.  Participants will be placed in a fully subsidized, paid, hands-on, life science laboratory internship. Participants will also receive job placement support for post internship work experience. Throughout the program, participant will have access to literacy improvement programs, healthy living counseling, goal setting techniques and assistance, job search tools, and other relevant educational components. Participants additionally will receive financial counseling designed to teach them how to create a budget and maintain financial responsibility, while learning different ways to finance their educational objectives for higher education.

Participants will have access to information and counseling about additional attainable educational opportunities as they tour local industry companies and learn first-hand about the variety of careers within life science companies.

Candidates must demonstrate financial and educational needs and must not be enrolled in school, including high school, college or certificate programs or be currently participating in a WIOA funded. To determine if you are eligible, contact 

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