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Military Veteran Initiatives


Why Veterans?

There is an excellent fit between the life sciences industry and the needs of transitioning military. At Biocom we recognize that the life science industry and the military are vital parts of the San Diego community. We are bringing them together to create opportunities for our Veterans. 

Veteran Initiative

To create an open environment where current veteran issues related to job readiness and placements are discussed and solutions are established. All services are free to veterans.

Our Mission
To foster career development for transitioning veterans by providing mentoring and networking connections while promoting advocacy for veteran employment in the life science industry.

Our Goal
Our goal is to increase career opportunities in life science by providing:
Networking Opportunities;
Industry Awareness.

How Can You Help?

We appreciate any and all form of support for the benefit of the veterans in our community.
Host a veteran intern;
Provide a job shadowing or informational interview experience;
Organize a company tour;
Financially support the mission of the initiative.

Current Programs:

Veteran Career Mentoring Program

Planned Programs:

Paid Internships

Fatigues to Labcoats (TM)

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Resource for Transitioning Veterans

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