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At Biocom, we pride ourselves on ensuring that our five values are represented in everything that we do as an organization for you our members. Teamwork. Commitment to service. Passion for the cause. Innovation. Striving for excellence. Biocom's team believes and lives by each of these values. We know that competition exists for your time, input and dollars and Biocom is confident that it can provide you with the best value for your contribution.


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Hanan Al-Hakim

Senior Program Manager
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Hanan Al-Hakim Senior Program Manager

As the Senior Program Manager at Biocom’s Los Angeles office, Hanan is responsible for all aspects of program-related initiatives, including committee and networking functions, event planning for Biocom and its members, social media highlights and communications, and additional areas that focus on raising awareness of the life science space in the greater LA region. Hanan has her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a Business Law concentration from California State University, Northridge. She continued to pursue graduate studies and received her MBA from Pepperdine University, The George L. Graziadio School of Business and Management with a focus in Finance. In her free time she loves to go to the beach, work out, cook and eat. As a sports fan who was born and raised in LA, Hanan is a die-hard Laker fan and bleeds the purple and gold.


Arlene Arreola

Art Director
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Arlene Arreola Art Director

Arlene Arreola is the Art Director at Biocom and is responsible for most of the marketing materials that you see here at Biocom. She has been part of the Biocom family for over 5 years. She has her degree in Graphic Design and is constantly updating her tech knowledge with classes at UCSD and through online courses. Prior to joining Biocom she worked as a packaging designer. Arlene enjoys being creative even in her spare time and enjoys coloring outside of the lines.


Maria Arriviello

Project Coordinator
Biocom Purchasing Group
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Maria Arriviello Project Coordinator

As the Project Coordinator, Maria oversees the internal communication, structure, and management of sub-divisions within the Purchasing Group. She also assists with the development and management of project plans to ensure that the company’s goals are surpassed. Originally from Chicago, Maria graduated from the University of South Carolina with a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology with a minor in Spanish and a cognate in chemistry. She is one of our most recent hires and just recently moved to San Diego. Her time outside of Biocom is spent outdoors, socializing or cooking.


George Bonaros

Director of Business Development
Biocom Purchasing Group
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George Bonaros Director of Business Development

In his role as Director of Business Development, George works with Biocom member companies helping them identify ways to maximize their membership through Biocom Purchasing Group contracts. As a member of the Purchasing Group, George works closely with the team on all marketing activities and networking events that connect our members with our vendor community. George brings a unique skillset to this position with an undergraduate degree in Biology from Duke University and an M.B.A. In his previous role as Marketing Director for the Union-Tribune, George led his team in all B2B and B2C marketing efforts. He recently won an Emmy Award for a television spot and campaign he developed to raise money for the American Cancer Society while at the U-T. After graduating from school, George lived in Quito, Ecuador where he met his wife and earned his master's degree. George is an avid surfer having traveled all over the world to experience beautiful waves and cultures. He now resides in Encinitas with his wife and baby daughter where he enjoys daily sunsets, yoga and 2:00 a.m. wake up calls.


Liisa Bozinovic

Executive Director, Biocom Institute
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Liisa Bozinovic Executive Director

As the Executive Director of the Biocom Institute, Liisa is leading this charitable organization arm of Biocom that provides industry-vetted training leading to employment and helps individuals move up the corporate ladder. The Institute is a champion for science and technology innovation, education, access to healthcare, the environment, empowering the next generation, and the green economy. Since its inception in 2008, the Institute has helped raise over $11MM and has revolutionized a demand-driven system that accurately addresses the constantly evolving bioscience landscape-today.

Formerly the Controller and Director of Human Resources for Biocom, Biocom Institute and Biocom Purchasing Group, Liisa spent over eight years in those roles. Her outreach to Biocom membership included a focus on Industry Human Resource and Finance Professionals and she served as Biocom Institute Treasurer for the five years prior to taking over as Executive Director. Liisa previously held a senior leadership position in Finance and Human Resources for an OEM Medical Device Developer/Manufacturer in North Carolina.

Liisa holds a degree in Accounting from Michigan State University and earned her CPA in Michigan.


Brenda Buso

Receptionist & Administrative Assistant
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Brenda Buso Receptionist & Administrative Assistant

Brenda joined Biocom in 2015 to provide administrative support to the Biocom team. She brings with her extensive experience in administration, customer service and strong organizational skills. As a native of San Diego, Brenda attended University of San Diego High School and Mesa College. In her free time she enjoys spending time with family, friends, horses and learning the sport of dressage.


Emily Cassel

Senior Public Policy Coordinator
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Emily Cassel Senior Public Policy Coordinator

Emily joined Biocom in December 2012. As Senior Public Policy Coordinator, she oversees member engagement campaigns on policy issues, coordinates department communications and events, and composes correspondence to policy makers on issues of concern in the life science industry.

Prior to joining Biocom, Emily worked in education, teaching in junior high and high school classrooms. Emily holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from San Diego State University. She is a San Diego native who enjoys hiking with her husband and dog Hank, exploring new restaurants, and soaking up the joys of being a new mom.


Tatiana Celebertti

Office Manager, LA Office
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Tatiana Celebertti Office Manager, LA Office

Tatiana joined Biocom in June 2016 as Office Manager and Accounting Associate. In her role, she ensures daily operations in the LA office are executed appropriately and coordinates all aspects of the day-to-day activities. Tatiana holds a Masters in Leadership and Organizational studies from Azusa Pacific. She has over seven years of experience in project management, has been a proponent of nurturing department change, and has played key roles in strategic planning and data research. Her previous colleagues know her as a resourceful person that can be counted on to make sure deadlines are met. Tatiana also has the ability to foster strong relationships that historically have turned into strategic associates. She specializes in corporate event planning for crowds of 100 to 3,000+ attendees, and has sales experience in safety protection equipment for large corps such as Chevron, LA County, CalTrans, and LAUSD.

Tatiana is a lively person and an active international missionary. She enjoys the things in life that bring beauty and joy to others such as, photography, nature, road-trips, and outdoor adventures. This enjoyment can be seen throughout her positive and energetic personality that tends to bring a smile into those around her. She can be found spending time with her dogs, Homer, Penny and Jeter or catching a sporting event when not aggressively pursuing her professional career.


Jill Childers

Associate Director of Human Resources
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Jill Childers Associate Director of Human Resources

As the Associate Director of Human Resources, Jill promotes and implements human resources values by planning and managing human resources initiatives and programs. Jill has extensive experience in employee relations, recruiting, compliance, policy administration, and performance management. Upon graduating from Loyola University of Chicago with a B.A. in Marketing, she headed west and never looked back. When not at work, Jill can be found running trails or on the family boat docked in Mission Bay.


Amanda Coates

Communications and Programs Manager, Biocom Institute
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Amanda Coates Communications and Programs Manager, Biocom Institute

With five years of non-profit and customer service experience, Amanda joins the Biocom team following development positions with Home Start Inc. and Only Make Believe. Amanda brings a diverse background in fundraising, program management, education, community outreach, and event planning and has a passion for working with children. After growing up in Delaware, she completed her Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Psychology and English/Language Arts and graduated cum laude from CUNY Hunter College in New York City.


Melanie Cohn

Director of Regional Policy & Government Affairs
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Melanie Cohn Director of Regional Policy & Government Affairs

Melanie Cohn joined Biocom as Associate Director of Local Government and Regulatory Affairs in February 2014. Melanie is responsible for managing and implementing Biocom's local policy agenda, and proactively lobbies city and county officials to advance the interests of Biocom's members. Melanie also works with local regulatory agencies to ensure consideration for the life science industry in new and existing regulations.

Prior to joining Biocom, Melanie managed grant funded programs and government/community relations for local nonprofit organizations. Melanie also worked in the San Diego office of a State Assembly Member from 2005 until 2009. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, with minors in Art History and Sociology, from the University of California, San Diego. In her free time, Melanie likes to check out new restaurants and take her dog Sammy to the beach.


Tim Crowley

Director of Information Systems 
Biocom Purchasing Group
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Tim Crowley Director of Information Systems

Tim Crowley is the Associate director of Operations and has worked for Biocom Purchasing Group since January 2011. His duties include managing Biocom databases, process automation, reporting, and management of the Purchasing Group RFP process. Before he started at Biocom, Tim worked with staff at Seattle Radiology to help implement Great Planes ERP. He attended Western Washington University and graduated with a degree in Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management as well as a minor in Engineering. He is currently working to get his certificate as a Salesforce admin and developing his knowledge in web application development.


Matt D'Angelo

Project Coordinator
Biocom Purchasing Group
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Matt D'Angelo Project Coordinator

As a Project Coordinator, Matt supports the management and facilitation of the Biocom Purchasing Group’s Member Advisory Committees and Member Feedback Program as well as assists the contract team with overall project timelines and budgets. Matt graduated from Sonoma State University with a degree in Kinesiology and comes to the Biocom Purchasing Group from the coaching profession, as well as a brief stint in staffing services. As a San Diego native, Matt enjoys going to the beach, playing lacrosse, golf and just about anything related to sports. He is also a big fan of the hometown Super-Chargers..


Rogelio Espinoza

Data & Program Coordinator
Biocom Institute
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Rogelio Espinoza Data and Program Coordinator

Rogelio is responsible for fulfilling the goals of the Introductory Life Science Experience (ILSE) program. His main initiative is to recruit disadvantage in San Diego County by engaging participants to learn more about STEM fields by coordinating internships, supportive services, and case management. Prior to accepting the position at Biocom, Rogelio was a case manager for a local nonprofit, where he worked closely with youth to reenroll into high school, graduate, and obtain employment and/or enroll into junior colleges.

As a San Diego native, Rogelio attended San Diego State University and graduated with a B.A. in International Security and Conflict Resolution (ISCOR), with an emphasis in Cooperation, Conflict, and Conflict Resolution. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling and exploring new places and experiencing new cultures and cuisines. Lastly, he is an avid fan of watching movies and exploring Southern California.


Shaye Exner

Senior Director of Conferences & Corporate Sponsorships
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Shaye Exner Senior Director of Conferences & Corporate Sponsorships

Shaye has over 15 years’ experience in sales and marketing specifically related to non-profit and life science. As the Senior Director of Conferences & Corporate Sponsorships Shaye directs all the sales efforts at Biocom related to the 60+ events and conferences. In her role Shaye oversees corporate sponsorship in Biocoms 4 primary markets, San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles and the Bay Area. She ensures sponsors are receiving valuable exposure to the life science community and seeing a strong return on their investments. Shaye has a strong background in content development and provides valuable guidance to members/sponsors looking to gain exposure to the CA life science community through event programming. Shaye oversees multiple advisory committees and works closely with the Biocom executive team.

Shaye, who graduated from the University of Buffalo (SUNY) with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, began her career as a counselor of emotionally disturbed children, working for Catholic Charities. After moving to California she decided to focus on life science which was a new and exciting industry for her. She began working at Biocom in 2002 as a member of the Purchasing Group staff where she managed the relationships with the premier suppliers and acted as liaison between Biocom members and Purchasing Group vendors.

In 2017, Shaye joined the Board of Directors of Athena San Diego. Shaye has been a member of Athena since 2014 and currently serves on Athena’s Membership and Pinnacle Nominations committees. Shaye is a huge Disney fanatic and believes that the Magic Kingdom truly is the happiest place on earth!


Laure Fabrega

Director of Federal Policy & Government Affairs

Laure Fabrega Director of Federal Policy & Government Affairs

Laure joined Biocom in 2013 to open our Washington DC office, establishing Biocom's first permanent presence in the nation's capital. She is responsible for managing and implementing Biocom's federal policy agenda, and proactively lobbies federal officials to advance the interests of Biocom's members.

Prior to joining Biocom, Laure worked for the U.S. House of Representatives for 4 ½ years, most recently as a Senior Legislative Assistant, overseeing health care policy, intellectual property policy, and appropriations & budget, among others.

Laure has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and a Masters' Degree in Public Affairs and Political Communication from the Institute of Political Studies ("Sciences Po") of Bordeaux. She also graduated from the Institute of Business and Government Affairs at Georgetown University.

Laure has been involved in several political campaigns at the national level, and served as a 2013 Public Policy Fellow for the Fund for American Studies.


Ashleigh Farver

Senior Manager of Events
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Ashleigh Farver Senior Manager of Events

Ashleigh Farver is the Manager of Events at Biocom and is responsible for creating valuable events for Biocom and its members. Ashleigh has been a part of Biocom for over four years and also sits on both the HR and Medical Device Committees. She has her bachelor's degree in psychology from San Diego State University and has recently recieved her Events Management Certificate from the University of San Diego. In her spare time she is still an events planner, organizing all the social activities for her friends. If she is not at work you can most likely find her at the beach.


Jennifer Forte

Director of Contracts
Biocom Purchasing Group
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Jennifer Forte Director of Contracts

As the Director of Contracts, Jennifer oversees the Biocom Purchasing Group’s contract team and serves as the compliance and quality control officer for Purchasing Group agreements as well as directs the efforts of the contract team which include portfolio management, committee facilitation, market research, program performance, and feedback. Prior to Biocom, Jennifer held various procurement roles in the Biotechnology sector. Her experience and collaborative demeanor allow her to be a useful resource and a peer for member company procurement professionals. In her free time, Jennifer enjoys spending quality time with family and friends.


Mary Fromson

Assistant to President and CEO/Board Liaison
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Mary Fromson Assistant to President and CEO/Board Liaison

Mary has provided executive administrative support to Joe Panetta, President & CEO of Biocom since late 2011. She also assists our Executive Committee and Board of Directors. Her background includes over 25 years of past experience supporting several high profile executives in San Diego, including Biocom Life Director, Kennon Baldwin. She is a native San Diegan, having been raised in the Clairemont area, where she attended Kearny High School and Mesa College. She currently lives in Tierrasanta with her architectural designer husband Stuart and their dog Max. She has a passion for all things equine, and spends most of her free time with her beloved horse, Spirit.


Rick Fultz

Chief Business Development Officer, Biocom
Managing Director, Biocom Purchasing Group
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Rick Fultz Chief Business Development Officer, BIOCOM
Managing Director, BIOCOM Purchasing Group

In his role as Chief Business Development Officer, Rick leads Biocom’s membership, sponsorship and fundraising efforts, growth and partnering initiatives, overall business development and serves on the senior leadership team for the organization. In addition to his role within BIOCOM, he has overall responsibility for leading the BIOCOM Purchasing Group team. Rick’s team is responsible for all aspects of contract administration, member education, and business development for the Purchasing Group.

Prior to his time at BIOCOM, Rick has led for profit and non-profit sales and development efforts with similar success and has served as an Executive Director for a local non-profit. Rick has a Master’s Degree in Public Policy from New England College and a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from the University of Delaware. He spends his off time with his wife chasing around their three hyperactive children. He also spends his time injuring himself in all kinds of athletic activities and living out his unfulfilled professional sports dreams by coaching his kids in various sports.


Tracy Griffith

Associate Director of Finance and Operations
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Tracy Griffith Associate Director of Finance and Operations

As the Associate Director of Finance and Operations for Biocom, Tracy's responsibilities encompass many aspects of our organization including budgeting, finanacial reporting and oversight of the accounting and IT functions. Tracy joined Biocom in 2005 and spent many years as the Office Manager gaining increasing responsibility for the accounting and finance functions prior to taking on her current role. Her incredible problem solving skills keep our organization running smoothly. Tracy has a long history working in the life science industry; she previously worked for an IRB (Independent Review Board) for 5 years. Tracy enjoys spending time with family, crafting and boogie boarding in the summer months.


Jimmy Jackson

Senior Vice President & Chief Policy Officer
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Jimmy Jackson Senior Vice President & Chief Policy Officer

Jimmy Jackson is the Senior Vice President and Chief Policy Officer for Biocom.  In this role, he oversees government affairs, policy development and policy related programming for Biocom. In his time at Biocom, the scope of the government affairs department has expanded tremendously, now having significant presences at the federal, state and local level.

  Prior to Biocom, Jackson served as staff to the California Legislature for fourteen years; the last seven years as the Chief of Staff for State Senator Dede Alpert (retired), former Chair of the California State Senate Appropriations Committee, overseeing operation of her offices in both San Diego and Sacramento. Jackson was the staff person responsible for several bills which became law, including SB 148 of 1998 (insurance coverage for medical foods and formulas used in treatment of PKU), SB 1360 of 1997 (rights of families of murder victims), and SB 1855 of 2004 (disclosures for homeowners insurance policies).   He has also participated in compromise language negotiations on many pieces of legislation since joining BIOCOM.

  Jackson has also been active in the community.  He has served as a volunteer for the American Red Cross, and is a past winner of the Cabrillo Award, the highest volunteer honor of the San Diego Chapter of the Red Cross. He has also served as Chair of the Board of both the Children's PKU Network (a national non-profit) and the Crime Victims Fund (a local non-profit).   


Kira Jenkins

Senior Director of Membership
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Kira Jenkins Senior Director of Membership

As the Director of Membership, Kira is responsible for ensuring business growth through directing and managing all sales activities. She identifies and engages new opportunities for membership within the life sciences industry while maintaining Biocom's existing 825 members companies.

Kira also formed and spearheads Biocom's Member Services and CRO committees. The Member Services committee generates leads and discusses new member benefits while the CRO committee fosters the creation of an outsourcing community while identifying ways to connect local companies to this expanding network.

Prior to Biocom, Kira was the Manager of Communications at the San Diego Telecom Council. In this role she was directly responsible for coordinating more than 100 telecommunications events a year including their 30 Special Interest Groups. She created an implemented their national marketing plan and wrote the copy for all their marketing materials including publications, direct mail, marketing collateral, website promotion, print advertising and technical press releases.

Kira holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from Cal State University, San Marcos. In her free time, Kira enjoys running and spending time with her two kids.


Jennifer Landress, CMP

Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
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Jennifer Landress, CMP Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Jennifer Landress, CMP, an experienced executive with more than 15 years' experience in budget management, membership, marketing and event development and execution is the Sr. VP and Chief Operating Officer for Biocom. Prior to this she held the position of Vice President of Corporate Relations.

Jennifer oversees the budget, management and goals development for the organization. Additionally, she leads the organization's marketing and events departments to identify opportunities for increased visibility for Southern California life science companies as well as the expansion of the southern California life science community. She is also responsible for Capital Development, Board management, Strategic Planning and the International initiative.

Prior to her employment at Biocom, she was Director of Operations for the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO), the world's largest biotechnology organization with more than 1,200 members worldwide.

Jennifer has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English from Bucknell University and is a Certified Meeting Professional. She resides in San Diego with her husband, Bo, and three children. Close

Shannon Colette Lee

Senior Membership Coordinator
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Shannon Colette LeeSenior Membership Coordinator

As the Senior Membership Coordinator Shannon is responsible for supporting company-wide membership growth with pipeline management of prospective members from initial contact through formal membership acceptance. Shannon holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English and brings with her experience in various capacities ranging from sales, business development and fundraising. She is thrilled and honored to be a part of Biocom’s Membership team and the innovative life science industry.

In her free time Shannon enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, visiting cultural institutions, exploring all the beauty San Diego has to offer, and volunteering for non-profit organizations she is passionate about. She is grateful for the opportunities afforded to her in this role as she continues to learn from her colleagues and the dynamic members Biocom serves.


Dina Lozofsky

Executive Director
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Dina Lozofsky Executive Director

As the Executive Director of Biocom’s Los Angeles office, Dina brings a 20-year career working in and around science and technology in Southern California. Before joining Biocom, Dina was the Associate Director for Licensing and Business Development at UC Santa Barbara’s Office of Technology and Industry Alliances. While at UC Santa Barbara, Dina designed, launched and led a program to mentor and support startup companies formed around UCSB technology. A key outcome of this program was to raise awareness and visibility of the high quality startups being spun out of UCSB. Dina is also a member of the board of the LA Venture Association (LAVA), the LA Bioscience Hub, and the City of Los Angeles Workforce Development Board.

Dina has deep experience in intellectual property (IP) management and in leveraging IP to structure strategic alliances for both companies and universities. She worked in the technology transfer offices of both UCLA and USC prior to working with UCSB, facilitating university collaboration with industry and fostering startup formation and licensing.

In addition to working in academia, Dina brings industry experience to our members. She was Vice President, Corporate Development for Solarmer Energy, a next generation solar startup spun out of UCLA, leading the company’s efforts in strategic relationships, business development, intellectual property, legal affairs, and marketing. She previously worked at BTG International as Associate Vice President in their acquisitions group, responsible for sourcing technologies from California inventive sources for commercialization. BTG’s mission was to develop and commercialize innovative technologies developed at universities, national labs, and corporations.

Dina holds a BS in Aerospace Engineering from MIT, an MBA from USC’s Marshall School of Business and is a registered Patent Agent.


Michelle Nemits

Director of Business Development, Bay Area
Biocom Purchasing Group

Michelle Nemits Director of Business Development, Bay Area

Michelle Nemits has over 20 years of experience in the San Francisco Bay Area life science industry. She spent 12 years at VWR International, a global distributor of lab supplies, where she managed a wide variety of large and small companies engaged in biotech, pharmaceutical and medical device research and production. Michelle subsequently joined the founders of a startup called BioCision and built and led the commercial activities of the company for 8 years. She lives in Marin County and in her spare time enjoys cooking and spending time with her husband and two daughters.


Sara DW Pagano

Managing Director, Biocom Institute Festival of Science & Engineering
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Sara DW Pagano Managing Director, Biocom Institute Festival of Science & Engineering

With over a decade of non-profit and event experience, Sara joins the Biocom team after executive leadership positions with USO San Diego and Discover Pacific Beach - Business Improvement District. With an emphasis on community outreach, fundraising, public relations and volunteer management, she brings a myriad of skills and expertise to the Festival. An east-coast transplant from Massachusetts, she graduated from Westfield State College with a Bachelor of Science in Education and also holds a certificate from University of San Diego's Event Management Program.


Ryan Palhidai

Manager of Business Development
Biocom Purchasing Group
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Ryan Palhidai Manager of Business Development

In his role as Manager of Business Development for the Purchasing Group, Ryan brings a broad skillset to Biocom, which was built from a variety of positions in the biotechnology industry including Public Relations Consultant, Research Fellow, and most recently, Technical Sales Representative for a major life science supplier. He holds a true passion for working with start-ups and is eager to provide them with the tools and resources to help fulfill their business goals and ultimately, make scientific advancements that will benefit patients and their families. Ryan holds a Bachelor's Degree in Biochemistry and Cell Biology from the University of California, San Diego. In his off time, Ryan enjoys spending time with his wife and newborn son traveling, exploring local eateries, and staying active.


Joseph D. Panetta

President & CEO and Member, Biocom Board of Directors
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Joe Panetta President & CEO

Joseph Panetta is President and CEO and a member of the Board of Directors of Biocom, California’s largest and most-experienced leader and advocate for the life science industry. Biocom works on behalf of more than 900 members to drive public policy, build an enviable network of industry leaders, create access to capital development, introduce cutting-edge STEM education programs, and create robust value-driven purchasing programs. As President and CEO, he works with an experienced professional staff of 42, with offices located in San Diego, Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Washington, D.C. Together with a 60-member Board of Directors, he leads initiatives that help members produce novel solutions that improve the human condition.

Mr. Panetta oversees several subsidiaries of Biocom, including a Purchasing Group that provides more than $100 million in products and services savings to members. He is co-founder of the Biocom Political Action Committee, the Biocom Institute for education and workforce development, and chairman of the California Biotechnology Foundation, a joint initiative to inform legislators and the media about the state’s life science sector. In 2014, Mr. Panetta was appointed by California Governor Jerry Brown to the Independent Citizens Oversight Committee, which serves as the governing and oversight board for the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) and is responsible for providing grant funding under the $3 billion California Stem Cell Initiative. He is past chairman of the Council of State Bioscience Associations (CSBA) and founding chairman of the State Medical Technology Alliance (SMTA)

Mr. Panetta holds a Bachelor of Science degree in biology from LeMoyne College, and a Master of Public Health degree in industrial and environmental health from the University of Pittsburgh. He is a graduate of the Brookings Institution Program for Executives and the Harvard Program on Negotiation. Mr. Panetta brings a depth of experience to his role, having worked in policy in Washington, D.C. and in regulatory affairs in the life science industry before joining Biocom in 1999.

Mr. Panetta serves on the boards of directors of the San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation, the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce, CleanTECH San Diego, and CONNECT. He is a past chairman of the board of the San Diego Workforce Partnership. Mr. Panetta is a member of advisory boards of the Pharmacy School at UC San Diego, the Engineering school at San Diego State University, and the College of Science and Mathematics at Cal State University San Marcos. He has received the following awards: the American Academy of Pharmaceutical Physicians Special Recognition Award; the CONNECT Distinguished Contribution Award for Life Science Innovation; and the Association of Pan Asian Communities Annual Leadership award, among others.


Lauren Panetta

Senior Communications and Marketing Manager
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Lauren Panetta Senior Communications and Marketing Manager

As the Senior Manager of Marketing & Communications for Biocom, Lauren is responsible for planning, developing, and implementing Biocom’s marketing and communication activities, including Biocom’s social media, BCQ newsletter, and LifeLines Magazine.

Prior to joining Biocom, she helped establish the brand behind MD Revolution, a digital health company pioneering the way towards proactive health. She also brings experience working at CONNECT, an organization recognized as one of the world's most successful regional business accelerators, where she managed the production and led the creative design of all marketing print and digital materials.

Lauren holds a Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Communication from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. She has an unrelenting passion for cooking and any sport that involves being in or around the ocean, including paddleboarding and scuba diving with the world’s diverse marine life.


Karen Overklift

Community Impact Manager, Biocom Institute
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Karen Overklift Community Impact Manger, Biocom Institute

Karen joins the Biocom Institute team with a wealth of skills and experience within the San Diego non-profit arena. Most recently with the San Diego Workforce Partnership; her career has included positions in community outreach, HR management and operations management for various local non-profit organizations. She has a love for educational programs and in particular is very passionate about employer outreach and connecting students to internships. In her spare time, Karen enjoys volunteering for Better Education for Women in Science & Engineering (BE WiSE) and riding her quad in the desert. Karen is a native San Diegan, who grew up in Pacific Beach and earned a B.A. in Communications from UCSD./



Heather Ramsay

Associate Director of Marketing and Communications
Biocom Purchasing Group
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Heather RamsayAssociate Director of Marketing and Communications

As the Director of Marketing & Communications for the Biocom Purchasing Group, Heather supports the relationships between Purchasing Group Suppliers and Biocom Member Companies by developing and implementing key marketing strategies. She assesses the membership needs and works with other members of the Purchasing Group team on creating programs to ensure customer satisfaction.

Heather joined the Biocom team from AIG Insurance in New York, NY where she was the Marketing Communications Specialist servicing over 90 countries and 43,000 employees. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing from the University of Delaware and has a strong passion for photography and travel.


Oscar Rodarte

Project Coordinator
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Oscar Rodarte Project Coordinator

As a Project Coordinator, Oscar is responsible for supporting all aspects of the Capital Development Initiatives of Biocom. Oscar comes to Biocom from the healthcare industry. In his free time, he enjoys traveling and exploring new cuisines. He has traveled throughout Europe and North America, and has his heart set on visiting all seven continents. Oscar is excited to immerse himself in California’s life science sector. He received his Bachelor’s from the University of California, San Diego.


Andrew Smith

System Administrator
Biocom Purchasing Group
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Andrew SmithSystem Administrator

As Biocom's System Administrator, Andrew wears multiple hats to assist our members with their Salesforce administration needs as well as providing IT support for our local staff. Andrew is an IT professional with over 10 years of experience managing a wide variety of solutions. Most recently working as a support engineer for a major supplier of Storage Arrays and enterprise class IT solutions. In his spare time he enjoys tinkering with computers, heading to the beach for some volleyball, and lifting heavy things in a crossfit gym.


Joe Spirito

Program Director
Biocom Purchasing Group
858.455.0300 Ext. 4169
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Joe Spirito Program Director

As the Program Director for the Biocom Purchasing Group, Joe supports the relationships between Biocom Purchasing Group, Purchasing Group Suppliers and Key Biocom Partners. Joe is responsible for the development of strategy and tactical execution in contract administration, member education, and business development for the Key Partner Organizations. Joe has a Master’s in Business Administration from University of Southern California and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from California State University, San Marcos. He’s an avid golfer, a Chargers fan and always enjoys spending time with family and friends.


Deena Wagner

Contract Manager
Biocom Purchasing Group
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Deena Wagner Contract Manager

As the Contract Manager, Deena supports development aspects of the Biocom Purchasing Group’s large and diverse contract portfolio. In this role she coordinates supplier communications, assists with the RFP process, facilitates and maintains contract-related documentation as well as manages the Project Coordinator. Prior to Biocom, Deena served 15 years as a senior policy advisor to U.S. Congressman Ken Calvert in Washington, DC. She holds a B.A. in Urban Studies and Planning from the University of California, San Diego. Deena is grateful to be back in San Diego and in her free time she enjoys cultural outings in America’s Finest City, practicing yoga, playing tennis, as well as running and biking in and around her community of La Jolla.


Angela Wieszchowski

Sponsorship Sales Coordinator
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Angela Wieszchowski Sponsorship Sales Coordinator

As Biocom’s Sales Support Coordinator, Angela works directly with the Events department. She is responsible for the support of company wide sponsorship growth as well as managing the relationships with all sponsors. Angela, graduated from Northern Illinois University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, intending to go to Medical School. She decided Medical school was not the path she wanted to take and jumped into a career in B2C sales in Chicago. Being born and raised in the Chicago land area, Angela is not used to the warm San Diego weather year round. She is brand new to San Diego and is looking forward to outdoor activities as well as Yoga on the beach.


Michelle Wright

Senior Membership Benefits Manager
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Michelle Wright Senior Membership Benefits Manager

Since 2008, Michelle has been working closely with Biocom members to ensure they maximize their membership benefits as well as actively recruiting new members. She's passionate about the value of Biocom membership and shares that passion with everyone she meets. She leads Biocom's medical device committee which puts on quarterly medical device events targeting medical technology including the Annual Medical Device and Diagnostics Expo. Her previous work experience includes marketing in the tourism industry and working with disadvantaged children. She loves taking advantage of San Diego's great weather by running and being near the sparkling beaches of San Diego.


Mandy Yeganegi

Event Coordinator
Biocom Purchasing Group
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Mandy YeganegiEvent Coordinator

As the Event Coordinator for the Biocom Purchasing Group, Mandy coordinates all small and large scale events for the Purchasing Group Suppliers. She helps strategize key marketing and business development initiatives to grow and maintain their presence with Biocom members. Her main initiative is to help Biocom members utilize the benefits available through the Purchasing Group. Prior to working with the Biocom Purchasing Group, she spent over 3 years working in marketing and event coordination in the technology and applications industry in Silicon Valley.

As a San Diego native, Mandy attended Carlsbad High School where she was heavily involved in school activities such as community outreach, entrepreneurship, cheerleading and dance. She went on to graduate with a Minor in Marketing and Bachelors in Business Management from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. She currently lives in Carlsbad where she spends most of her free time at the beach with friends, trying new local eatery’s and traveling.


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