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Venture Days

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Biocom Venture Days are designed to connect member companies to Venture Capitalists from around the US.

Each event, organized by the Biocom Capital Development Committee, will feature a small group of VCs that come to San Diego for a day of 1:1 meetings with select companies. Companies will be selected by the VCs based on their investment criteria and scheduled 45 minute meetings/presentations with the VCs and company executives.  

Upcoming Venture events:

Biocom Venture Day: Longitude Capital in San Diego

May 24-25, the biotech team of Longitude Capital will be in San Diego to meet with local biotech companies and healthcare investors.  

Longitude Capital specializes in making venture growth investments in biotechnology and medical technology companies that seek to improve clinical outcomes, enhance quality of life and/or reduce system costs. We invest in both privately held and publicly traded life science companies through a variety of investment approaches, including traditional venture capital, asset spin-outs, recapitalizations, PIPEs, open market purchases, royalties and other equity and equity-linked instruments. Since 2006, Longitude Capital has raised over $1.2 billion across three funds and demonstrated an ability to source, manage and exit attractive investments across multiple market cycles.

Our core venture growth strategy is rooted in building a balanced portfolio of clinical-stage and commercial-stage companies with clinically de-risked assets, favorable valuations relative to risk profile and attractive expected returns within three to five years from initial investment. Additionally, we have made successful investments in preclinical stage assets that were supported by strong mechanistic rationale and a straightforward translation to the clinical setting. 

Following an initial investment, we work closely with our portfolio companies and syndicate partners to develop and implement strategic plans, achieve key operating objectives, build world class teams, raise capital and pursue liquidity opportunities in a manner that optimizes returns to key stakeholders.

Our company name was inspired by the Longitude Prize, a competition established by the British monarchy in 1714 to solve one of the greatest scientific problems of the day.

Looking forward to connecting!

Longitude Biotech Team

How to Apply: 

If you are interested in meeting with the Longitude Biotech Team, please send over a one-page non-confidential executive summary for review to Oscar Rodarte at

To date we have held events with:

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Upcoming Capital Development Events
Biocom & DPAc Roundtable Lunch
May 2, 2017
11:30 AM
Biocom Venture Day with SR-one
May 3, 2017
8:00 AM
Biocom Venture Day with Longitude Capital
May 24, 2017
8:30 AM

"The day could not have been better organized! The lunch was fun, my fellow VC companions were excellent, the companies we met with were interesting and diverse and the cap off dinner was absolutely lovely (and delicious)!"

Nina Kjellson

InterWest Partners