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World Class GPO
Through the collaborative efforts of all Biocom member companies, the Biocom Purchasing Group works to continually improve the total quality of business while reducing the overall acquisition costs for products and services vital to accelerating the life science industry. Our ultimate goal as a trusted advisor is to provide members with the procurement optimization needed to effectively support the successful growth and development of the human condition. Our diverse portfolio of competitively bid contracts cover products and services across the lab, facilities, operations, human resources, finance, data and travel industry segments. Last year alone, our members collectively saved over $150 million. And unlike other purchasing organizations, participation in our portfolio of savings is voluntary and there is no minimum spend. Your Biocom membership avails you access to all contracts, consultative services, spend analyses and industry best practices. Power Up Your Savings with the Biocom Purchasing Group today!
Our process
The Biocom Purchasing Group RFP is the method used to vet and exclusively endorse our Platinum Suppliers. It is one of the most critical elements of our business model and relies heavily on the expertise and time commitments of key individuals from our member companies. We handle the complete process - from research, advisory committee administration and bid preparation development through contract management - which means your staff has considerably more time to focus on building a successful business. Our competitive bid process has been developed specifically for your needs, by member experts statewide. Below is a summary of the RFP process that results in the selection of an endorsed provider:

The RFP process starts with the selective recruitment of an ad hoc committee comprised of talented and experienced individuals from member companies of all sizes and across all industries. Key Biocom members with technical knowledge and procurement expertise in the particular RFP field are invited from small, mid-size and large companies. The general framework of the RFP process includes three in-person committee meetings, depending on the product or service being reviewed.  Over the course of the meetings, the committee develops a list of eligible candidates and an in-depth questionnaire, requests product or service trials, runs a competitive analysis, conducts site visits and reviews results from routine member surveys.  Using many or all of these as tools, the committee pares down the group to two or three candidates that will present their offering in a formal setting.  The process can last anywhere between 3 to 6 months depending on how much due diligence the committee feels is necessary before a conclusive decision can be made.

As part of our continued efforts to strengthen the Purchasing Group, each of our five Advisory Committees help oversee the competitiveness of our current contracts, share feedback and advise us on new business opportunities. Our ad hoc RFP committees are comprised of key individuals with technical knowledge & procurement expertise from member companies of all sizes and across all industries. The general framework of the RFP process is decided upon by members of each individual committee and typically spans 3-6 months, depending on the product or service being reviewed.
Contract Compliance
Here at the Biocom Purchasing Group, we continuously work toward strengthening the parts of the organization that members can't always see: contract compliance and quality control. We have created systems to better vet our contracts and improve upon the quality procedures needed to ensure our contracts and our suppliers are best in class. We strive to help you achieve lower costs while providing you with increased value. We do this by ensuring that our contracts meet applicable procurement standards, establishing best practices to reduce total costs, and conducting spend analyses across our membership to identify products, services and suppliers that are the most meaningful in particular contract areas. To learn more about our Member Advisory Committees, Supplier Audits for Quality Control, our Formal Member Feedback System and Improved RFP Process, contact
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