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Accelerating Life Science Across California


San Diego

With 25 years in San Diego, Biocom is well known for its collaborative spirit and integral role in ensuring the life science ecosystem of San Diego has the support it needs to thrive, including infrastructure, networking, professional development, and business-friendly government regulations.

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Los Angeles

With nearly 600 life science companies in Los Angeles County, spread across a vast geographical expanse, Biocom’s Los Angeles office aims to accelerate economic growth in the region with programs and initiatives that connect Los Angeles’ many sub-clusters with each other, as well as their counterparts across California and around the world.

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Bay Area

Biocom’s Bay Area office directs powerful grassroots development initiatives like committees, networking events, and peer-to-peer collaborative programs that are tailored to meet the needs of the region’s many unique micro-clusters.

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Washington, D.C.

Biocom’s Washington, D.C. office gives members a respected voice in federal government by collaborating with members as well as public officials to pass legislation that is positive to the industry and working to defeat proposals that would be detrimental to the life science industry in California.

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Biocom’s Tokyo office develops several key relationships between Biocom, our members, and major life science entities in Japan to build a bridge between Japan and the United States and create greater awareness of opportunities in Japan for our California members.

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International Partnerships

Biocom’s unique international partnerships give members access to new markets, new ideas, and new opportunities across the globe. Our international partnerships include Memorandums of Understanding, agreements, and annual events shared between Biocom and several international businesses, organizations, and governments from the world’s leading life science clusters.

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