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Biocom members in both the Bay Area and San Diego came out to celebrate Earth Day over local foods & conservation conversations while learning more about Cal

Highlights from our Bay Area & San Diego Earth Day Sustainability Events

  • Tue May 07 21:49:00 GMT 2019
  • California
  • Author Mandy Yeganegi

Last week, Biocom members in both the Bay Area and San Diego came out to celebrate Earth Day over local foods  & conservation conversations while learning more about California's sustainable business solutions from some influential industry advocates. Biocom proudly works with over 1,200 member companies to achieve their sustainability goals by connecting them with government resources, sharing best practices and showcasing members that are implementing environmentally friendly business programs. 

California's key industry companies, research organizations, academic institutions and service providers were represented.  Panelists from My Green Lab, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Illumina, Genentech, Genomatica, University of California, and BioSurplus discussed best purchasing practices, long-term cost-effectiveness and daily sustainable initiatives.

All Star Line-Up of Panelists from NorCal to SoCal 
•    Rachael Relph | Chief Sustainability Office | My Green Lab
•    Cristina Amorim | VP, EHS & Sustainability | Thermo Fisher Scientific
•    Tamara Fox | Associate Director, EHS | Vertex Pharmaceuticals
•    Sharon Vidal | Global lead EHS Sustainability Programs | Illumina
•    Rebecca Regnier-Bray | Environmental Program Manager | Genentech
•    Christine Gallup | Communications Specialist | Genomatica
•    Melanie Cohn | Director of Regional Policy & Government Affairs | Biocom
•    Rachael Relph | Chief Sustainability Officer | My Green Lab
•    Kristi Budzinski | Green BioPharma Program Manager | Genentech
•    Korey Fleck | Associate Director Life Sciences | University of California
•    Bill VanDeWeghe | President & CEO | BioSurplus

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Sustainability Soundbites
"As we built Vertex we wanted to incorporate sustainability and make it as energy efficient as possible and implement management systems for HVAC. Being a good corporate citizen and contributing to the community. "

"Sustainability is eliminating our footprint."

"We want for humanity to thrive on this planet, not at the cost of the planet. "

"The stakeholders go directly to the consumer, they’re saying we want natural sustainable products. Marketing directors, CEOs, distributors, manufacturers all need to be on the same page. The drive to be transparent is a key goal for Genomatica."

"Internal collaboration is key, make them think it’s their idea. Show the benefit, rejoice it, celebrate it. Lift those people up."

"The volume is really high on plastic recycling. The removal chain from the point of use to point of disposal is not as solid as the supply chain."


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